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Sep 2016


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10 Best Ways To Understand, Manage, And Gain Rapport With Generation Y - By Compliance Global Inc.

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In addition to gaining Management Confidence, Vision, and Productivity with employees of the 21st Century, you will gain…KNOWLEDGE!!

Nearly ½ of today’s workforce, both retail and commercial, were born after 1980. They are called the Millennials, and they are the most unique employees any manager or supervisor has ever had to deal with. They are not your 20th Century human resources.

The millennial generally has a student loan debt, and resides at home, forsaking the American dream of the 20th Century. Plans for the house, spouse, and child have been temporarily put on hold. Also put on hold, is the career path that employees use to put in place when they started a new job. The great majority of millennials have a job life span of less than 3 years. 

Trust is not the word of this century, when more than half of them (Millennials) have their savings in CASH. 83% of them think “there is too much power concentrated in the hands of a few big companies. Only 19% of them believe “most people can be trusted”. 

In a century where “velocity” is a way of life, where things are done in a “Nano”, and people challenge values that have stood for centuries—we need to stop and reconcile the past and present, in our everyday professional and personal lives.

Why Should You Attend:

Do you know how the list below relates to Millennials in business?





If you are not sure, be sure to sign up for this program, TODAY!!

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

•  How Millennials got to where they are today

•  Know what Millennials trust, and don’t trust

•  Learn what Millennials value most

•  Learn why a Millennial is in conflict with religion

Learning Objectives:

•  Know how to get a Millennial’s attention

•  Learn the proxemics that makes a productive workplace 

•  Learn what will secure rapport with a Millennial

•  Identify management techniques that will secure better results from Millennials

•  Demonstrate the steps that will build a rapport with Millennials

Who Will Benefit:

•  Management Personnel from the CEO to the Supervisor:

•  If you are responsible for personnel under the age of 35

•  If you are responsible for gaining rapport with prospects under 35

•  If you are responsible for gaining rapport with current customers under the age of 35

•  If you are responsible for interviewing people under the age of 35

•  If you aspire to a higher management position

Speaker Profile:

Jim Zalud has been giving presentations and seminars to audiences for over 30 years. He has consulted to Presidents, Politicians, Chiefs, and sales personnel. Jim has worked with everyone from the board room to the show room. He is also the body language expert for the CBS affiliate WIFR TV-23 in Rockford, IL.

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