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Oct 2013


Carlson Center 2010 2nd Avenue Fairbanks , Alaska 99701
Tel: (907) 451-7800
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The Go Winter! Expo takes place at the Carlson Center October 12 & 13, 2013. An event focused on winter and how to get through it healthy, safely and sanely while having some fun along the way. If you plan on spending the winter in Fairbanks you need to be at Go Winter!

This will be the 17th year of the Expo and it has become a well established community event. Outside activities...snow machines to trucks, inside activities...big screen TVs to arts and crafts, car to winterization, home care...boiler tune up to heating fuel, travel Alyeska ski trip to a weekend in'll all be there in one location, on one floor, with lots of free parking.


The Go Winter! Expo is a prime marketing opportunity for your business to take advantage of winter. An annual consumer trade show full of businesses and agencies that have products and services to help Fairbanks not only make it through the long hard months of winter but have a good time in the process.

The 2012 event had over 110 participating businesses and a two day public attendance of 3470+.  Go Winter! is a great place to jump-start your winter business.

Why settle for great when we can make it even better!!!

The Energy & Retrofitting Marketplace

There will be a special section to address the energy needs of the Interior. Energy costs are on everyone's mind and we have dedicated a portion of the Winter Expo to energy related vendors and housing specialists. The Energy & Retrofitting Marketplace sponsored by the IABA and Golden Valley Electric will give the public an opportunity to find out what energy saving products are available in the community, discuss retrofitting remodeling options, and schedule construction projects for early spring.

The Go Winter! Expo represents many local and state-wide businesses, has become an unofficial kick off to winter and now offers an array of important and educational information on energy savings. If you have a product or service that can help people save money Go Winter! is designed to help you get the word out!

About KO Productions

KO Productions a sole proprietor corporation is owned by Kris Knutzen a 28 year resident of Fairbanks Alaska. Since 1987, Kris has created, organized and sold specialty shows making available to state wide businesses the opportunity to promote individual products and services to area residents.




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