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Mar 2014


Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center 300 East Ocean Boulevard Long Beach , California 90802
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The annual Measurement Science Conference is held in Southern California in the January to March timeframe. MSC was heavily focused towards the Southern California defense and aerospace industries although it has since expanded its scope over the past decade to include a broader range of industries and companies. The defense sector remains a large participant in MSC, including participation by the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine Corps test, measurement, and calibration activities and metrology engineering centers along with many major defense contractors and test and measurement system suppliers/producers.

The Measurement Science Conference is a full week of activities with the first 2.5 days (Monday to Wednesday afternoon) focused on education and training through offering of a multitude of seminars and tutorials that cover a myriad of technical topics. The final 2.5 days are the primary Conference itself. Wednesday evening of MSC week highlights the opening of the exhibit area where some 120 or so companies provide exhibit booths that display the latest in technology. Thursday morning’s technical conference is opened with a keynote speaker to set the stage for the two days ahead. The keynote speaker often highlights an area of general interest with critical concerns and challenges facing an area of government, industry or academia. The technical program tracks follow the keynote address where technical papers are given by various experts in the field of the topics being covered. Luncheon addresses are often a break from the technical programs and offer the attendees a bit of interesting history, humor or thought provoking advice. The Conference wraps up on Friday when exhibits close and the technical sessions end.

The Measurement Science Conference typically has about 1,200 attendees annually with approximately 120 exhibit booths. Over 200 companies, government activities and academia participate each year. The many MSC sponsoring government activities include the Naval Observatory, the Navy Metrology and Calibration Center, the Army Primary Standards Laboratory, the Air Force Metrology and Calibration Center, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Sponsoring professional activities include IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society, American Society for Quality (ASQ), Instrument Society of America (ISA), National Conference of Standards Laboratories, international (NCSLI), International Metrology Organization (IMEKO), and many others. Academic sponsors include various California State University campuses such as Long Beach, Dominguez Hills, and Pomona.



Get ready to learn, network and set new ideas in motion! Take your knowledge to the next level at our annual user conference and join over a thousand MSC users from all over the world for five days of education from over 30 developers and sessions.

MSC is one of the few conferences where you can:

  • See renowned speakers
  • Learn about topics like Measurements techniques, Measurements fundamentals, and Measurements uncertainty
  • Experience unbeatable training from Metrology and Measurements experts
  • Network with other users and MSC exhibitors
  • Get sneak peeks at upcoming product features

About MSC:

The Measurement Science Conference (MSC) is a 501(C) non-profit organization established in 1970 to provide a professional forum for government, industry and academia that offered: education and training in testing, calibration and measurement; information on testing, calibration and the latest advances in measurement; challenges and issues facing the national measurement and traceability chain; and an event which furthered professional contacts, business opportunities and government/industry/ academia interaction and understanding.



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