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Jun 2014


Cox Business Center 100 Civic Center Tulsa , Oklahoma 74103
Tel: (918) 894-4350
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2014 Tulsa Oilfield Expo


Event Overview:

The 2014 Tulsa Oilfield Expo takes place June 4th-5th, 2014 at The Cox Business Center in Tulsa, OK and is designed to serve as Tulsa’s largest oil and gas marketplace.

Tulsa remains an industry hotspot for a broad range of oil and natural gas activity. From exploration and production to industry support services like manufacturing and construction, upstream to downstream, Tulsa’s energy industry is steady and strong.

The 2014 Tulsa Oilfield Expo will serve the needs of this vibrant energy community by featuring the latest in oilfield technologies, the opportunity to network with thousands of oilfield professionals from all over the world, all in a professional environment conducive to business development and sales.

Exhibitor Information:


We Deliver Oilfield Professionals to Your Booth. Guaranteed.

The Tulsa Oilfield Expo provides an industry-exclusive, business-oriented environment where oil and gas professionals from across the region can meet and do business. We take your investment seriously; our public attendance policy ensures all attendees are industry-based, relevant prospects. This protects the investments of our participants and ensures the quality of the event.

The Tulsa Oilfield Expo isn't a conference or public event. It is a buyer's marketplace that helps oilfield professionals generate sales leads, create long-lasting, successful business relationships and make their best deals.

Why Exhibitors Are Buying a Booth at the Tulsa Oilfield Expo:

• Develop sales leads

• Demonstrate new products

• Target pre-qualified buyers

• Study their competition

• Identify market direction

• Meet buyers face to face

• Obtain product/service feedback

• Promote product trends

• Conduct market research

• Educate dealers

• Take advantage of "action-oriented" media

• Generate positive and build favorable public perception

• Answer customer concerns or complaints

About Texas Classic Productions LLC:

Texas Classic Productions LLC is a professional trade show development and management company that specializes in producing oil and gas industry trade shows. Our oil and gas industry trade shows are not open to the public. They are open exclusively to oil and gas professionals. That focus on attracting thousands of relevant prospects has made our expos some of the largest in the country. They’re known for their no-nonsense focus on networking, business development and sales.




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