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Apr 2017


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2017 INTX: The Internet & Television Expo - CANCELED


SEPTEMBER 28, 2016

Last week, NCTA – The Internet & Television Association introduced our new brand. The change was made to reflect the dramatic changes that are underway in the marketplace, in technology, in the way consumers access their digital life and in the products and services our industry delivers. The near future is exciting.

A true commitment to change, however, must be more than a new name and fresh colors. In a space marked by innovation and disruption, an organization must have the courage to make more dramatic transformations if it truly wants to adapt and remain a leading voice. As author Whitney Johnson says “disrupting yourself is critical to avoiding stagnation.”

In that spirit, NCTA and our Board of Directors have made the decision to sunset our annual industry trade show, INTX. We are now exploring new and better ways to tell our story, to gather our community, to advance our growth and present our vision of the future. We believe large trade show floors, dotted with exhibit booths and stilted schedules have become an anachronism.  Contemporary venues emphasize conversation, dialog, and more intimate opportunities to explore and interact with technology. Ending INTX gives us a clean slate and we are excited to explore presenting our industry in new and different ways.

NCTA has hosted a trade show for 65 years. It has been a fixture of our organization and our industry, and in its time it served a valuable purpose. Many of us have many fond memories of shows gone by and will continue to swap stories about past experiences. But all good things must come to an end. And endings hold the promise of new beginnings.

Visit the INTX Homepage to look back on some of our favorite show moments. And share your show memories on the INTX Facebook page.

About NCTA:

NCTA is the principal trade association for the U.S. cable industry, representing cable operators that deliver advanced digital services to consumers and businesses throughout urban and rural America, and more than 200 cable program networks that produce TV’s most creative and popular shows. The U.S. cable industry is the largest provider of high-speed Internet access, serving more than 59 million customers, after investing $245 billion since 1996 to build robust fiber optic networks that reach 93 percent of American homes. The cable industry supports 2.7 million American jobs and there are at least 300 cable employees in every congressional district.



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