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Nov 2016
Dec 2016


Kentucky Expo Center 937 Phillips Lane Louisville , Kentucky 40209
Tel: (502) 367-5000
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Event Overview:

The RV Industry’s Premier Trade Event

As the largest trade event for the recreation vehicle industry, the National RV Trade Show offers RV dealers, accessory store owners and campground operators:

    Valuable perspective from seeing 95% of RV manufacturers side by side
    Sales seminars and technical training-including 33 supplier-led workshops
    Social events and networking with 7,600+ industry professionals

The National RV Trade Show is the only RV industry event where you can -

View the latest RV models, newest floor plans and most innovative features on the market, up close and hands on.
Pursue technical and sales training directly from numerous manufacturers.
Gain insights on ways to boost sales, improve customer service and take your business to new places.
Build your network by connecting with fellow dealers, store owners and campground operators.
Touch base with representatives from 95% of manufacturers, as well as suppliers and services providers.

- all in one place.

Attendee Information:

Why attend? Here are our top 6 reasons.

Everything you need is here in one place.
And that includes pretty much every manufacturer’s latest models. Why go one place for accessories, another place for services and then to other events for networking when you can do it all in one easy trip?

You’ve gotta see - and get - the latest must-haves.
Stay a step ahead of those customers, folks. When that phone rings, you want to be able to say “yes,” you’ve got it in stock.

You get special, show-only deals.
Make a few deals and the savings could pay for your trip.

Face time. It’s invaluable.
To maintain and build vendor relationships, you’ve got to show up, shake hands and talk shop. It’s that easy.

The big heads-up: RVIA’s annual Outlook.
It’s only at the National RV Trade Show. Find out what is on the horizon and how it affects your business from this presentation by RVIA and Go RVing leaders.

Awesome training.
If you want tactics you can take home that aren’t pie-in-the-sky but practical - this is the place.

Exhibitor Information:

Exhibit at the RV Industry’s Largest Trade Show

RV dealers, accessory store owners and campground operators are expecting to see YOU at the largest RV industry trade show of 2016.

The National RV Trade Show is still the only event where your target buyers can see all of the latest RV models and products offered on the market, get supplier-led technical trainings and attend valuable sales seminars all in one place - and if you’re not there, they will be disappointed.

By exhibiting, you gain:

    Credibility in the marketplace
    Customer confidence
    Competitive intelligence

When you exhibit at the National RV Trade Show, you gain credibility and recognition in the industry. You have the opportunity to hear about customers’ problems and make sure they are addressed. You can also see what your competitors are offering and gather competitive intelligence.

The whole industry is coming together at the Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky. With thousands of dealers and distributors attending, it’s your best chance to touch base with customers, reach new ones and drive sales.

About RVIA:

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) is the national trade association representing recreation vehicle (RV) manufacturers and their component parts suppliers who together build more than 98 percent of all RVs produced in the U.S.




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