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TODAY : Advance Search
Dec 2016


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Advanced Googling: How to Stop Searching Like a Google Zombie

Online Event


Key Take Away:

This advanced Googling webinar will explain how to instantly and dramatically improve your Google search skills training, optimize Google for maximum speed and security, tap scores of little-known Google information tools and streams, and transform Google into your backup brain, robot assistant and ambient sidekick.


Advanced Googling provides a concise overview of how to instantly and dramatically improve your advanced Google web search skills and find online information on practically any topic – earlier, faster and smarter. Find out how to unlock hidden menus and filters in the Google results page, compose advanced search queries, customize Google for maximum speed and security, uncover 10x more information in a fraction of the time, automate your online research, gather knowledge in 70+ languages, tap scores of little-known advanced Google search tools and apps and much more.

Non-technical, easy-to-understand and fun, the webinar shows you how to mine hundreds of rich content streams in the vast Google universe and how to interpret all these signals in their proper context. You’ll quickly acquire search superpowers that will take your information literacy to the next level. If you take only one webinar on how to self-educate online and master lifelong learning, this is it!

Why Should You Attend:

Not knowing how to effectively use Google has significant costs and risks that users routinely overlook and underestimate. Key considerations:

A super overabundance of online data is making important things harder to find and impeding good decision-making. If don’t know Google search tips that cut through all the noise and static, you will be routinely obstructed, distracted and delayed in finding the results you seek – if you ever find them at all -- for critical business and life decisions
Professionals who don’t have the Google “right stuff” and aren’t familiar with all its full capabilities will be outwitted, outplayed and outlasted by rivals who do
Google site search has changed the very notion of what it means to be smart. Knowing how to quickly discover knowledge, not retain or hoard it, is now key to human intellect. If your competition knows how to consistently use Google search engine to uncover something you don’t know – or find it out earlier – you will quickly become antiquated and irrelevant in your domain
Study after study confirms that the vast majority of Googlers suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect – a cognitive bias where users grossly overestimate their Google abilities (“I’m a great searcher!”). In fact, all but a tiny share of Google users are:
downright lousy in online information retrieval
frequently unaware of their own information illiteracy and don’t know what they don’t know
largely clueless how to use Google’s advanced search applications and features
naively overconfident in the information they obtain
According to recent Google studies, poor or undeveloped search skills have a huge and negative impact on enterprise productivity and workflow. Nearly half a typical knowledge worker’s online time is non-productive because users:
struggle with irrelevant or junk results
don’t know how to address conflicting and missing information
experience “search rage” – feelings of intense frustration whey they can’t find critical online information quickly, particularly under tight deadlines
surrender to online temptations and waste countless exploring topics unrelated to work
interrupt colleagues and ask them to search Google on their behalf because they can’t find the answer themselves
create bottlenecks and delay business reports by anywhere from four hours to 10 business days because they’re waiting on colleagues to Google information needed to complete a document

Areas Covered In This Webinar:

How to Build a Deep and Solid Google Foundation
The Best Browser Extensions to Improve Your Google Experience and Performance
Must-Have Mobile Apps That Fully Tap Google’s Vast Global Brain
How to Interpret Google Search Results in Their Proper Context
Four C Dimensions of Google Searching (Clueless, Context, Channel and Cross-Cultural)
How to Automate Your Online Discovery
How to Uncover Business Trends and Opportunities in Real-Time
How to Become a Google Super Searcher in Three Easy Steps

Learning Objectives:

Instantly and dramatically improve your Google search skills -- on any topic, using any connected device and in practically any situation
Scan Google with added precision, nuance, context, speed and confidence
Discover literally 10x more information that’s hiding in plain sight on the Google search results page
Compose advanced search queries that generate more relevant results
Automatically and continuously monitor your professional and industry landscape using free alert and aggregation services
Use Google’s new generation of predictive apps that know what you want without you having to ask
Transform Google into your backup brain, robot assistant and ambient sidekick
Spot opportunities, threats and risks in your professional and industry domain -- earlier and faster
Enhance your ability to search professional literature, identify relevant information, and form conclusions
Interpret search results related to your profession and industry in their proper context
Save countless hours of research time by automating and aggregating updates from the most authoritative sources online
Use Google to be more curious, more aware of what you don’t know, and more inquisitive — about everything
Formulate better queries that enable you to organize your thinking about information gaps and blind spots in your situational awareness
Become more comfortable and proficient at Google query formulation to sharpen your analytical skills and spark innovative ideas
Ask Google fundamental questions about what’s going on around you to help address current problems, why they exist and how they might be tackled
Contend with rapid change and rising uncertainty by using Google to continually learn what’s new and anticipate what’s next in these dynamic times
Become hyper-aware of finding new opportunities and solutions in your industry on and through Google
Hundreds more practical lessons -- all in non-technical, easy-to-understand language

Who Will Benefit:

Human Resource Administrators
University Professor/Teacher
Sales Manager
Any Professional who uses Google to gather online information, analyze search results, and guide decision-making in their professional and personal lives

Speakers Profile:

Garrett Wasny
Garrett Wasny, MA, CMC, CITP/FIBP is an award-winning Internet search advisor, author and presenter based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and former Price Waterhouse management consultant.

Garrett’s academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BA Hons) degree and a Master of Arts (MA) degree. His professional accreditations include Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) and FITP (FITT International Business Professional).

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