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Mar 2015
Mar 2015


Westin Chicago Northwest 400 Park Blvd. Itasca , Illinois 60143
Tel: (630) 773-4000
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Anger, Aggression and Violence - National Anger Management Ass. (NAMA)


NAMA 2015 International Conference – March 12 & 13, 2015

The NAMA 2015 International Conference, - Chicago, IL

The Westin Chicago Northwest - located just 12 miles from O'Hare International Airport 

You are invited to network with your colleagues, as you learn from preeminent leaders in the Anger Management and Domestic Violence field as well as other prominent presenters. There is something for every professional with CEUs available from NASW (12 hrs), NBCC (12 hrs), NAADAC (12hrs), CA-BBS (12hrs), and NAMA (25 CEUs). Learn about state-of-the-art treatments and evolving research as you earn continuing education credits.

Presentations and Presenters

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  • Domestic Violence and Anger Management: Integration - Dr. Potter-Efron consciously connects anger management and domestic violence, two long separated fields, and addresses treatment options and intervention methods that meet the needs of individual clients, couples, families, and groups. The integration of Domestic Violence and Anger Management treatment with an emphasis on safety while also providing anger management skills and techniques has been a long time coming. Ron's latest work - Handbook of Anger Management and Domestic Violence Offender Treatment (2015) is the basis of his presentation.

Ron Potter-Efron, PhD, MSW, Distinguished Diplomate of NAMA and CAMS-V, CDVS-V, and Pat Potter-Efton, MS, Distinguished Diplomate of NAMA and CAMS-V, CDVS-V.  

  • SMART Anger Management: A comprehensive program for probationers – SMART stands for Selection Menu for Anger Reduction Treatment.  It is based on the philosophy that anger management has to be tailored by a knowledgeable therapist who is working with a unique individual in a particular setting.  Developed by Dr. Kassinove and Dr. Chip Tafrate, it gives anger management specialists the option of selecting from a menu of useful and tested interventions for any particular case. The presentation combines some theory and research, with practical examples and video presentations.

Howard Kassinove, PhD, ABPP, Distinguished Diplomate of NAMA, Professor of Clinical Psychology, Hofstra University. Dr. Kassinove earned a Ph.D. at Adelphi University's Institute for Advanced Psychological Studies. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science, and is Board Certified in Clinical Psychology and in Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology (ABPP).

  • Bad Coaching: How Anger Impacts Sports – This presentation will be filled with interesting and inspiring ways to understand how anger and athletics interact. Dr. Conte is a storied presenter and is the star of the new Spike TV Network series, “Bad Coaching” also featuring NFL great Ray Lewis. He will share his passion for counseling violent offenders, the radical empathy techniques that help him overcome judgment.

Christian Conte, PhD, Diplomate of NAMA, CAMS-V. He is the Clinical Consultant for Behavioral Dynamics, Inc. in Washington, PA, has a Private Practice in Irwin, PA, and was Associate Professor; Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology; University of Nevada, Reno.

  • A Pathway to Healthy Anger: Mindfulness, Self-compassion and Other Skills in Self-awareness – This presentation is based on the book of the same title set for release this spring (2015) by Johns Hopkins University Press. Dr. Golden will offer a unique framework to help clients cultivate mindfulness and self-compassion to their thoughts, feelings, and physical states associated with anger arousal. It highlights practices in Compassion Focused Therapy.

Bernard Golden, PhD, Diplomate of NAMA, Founder/Director of Anger Management Education, Chicago, IL

  • Irritability: Construct Clarification and Differentiation – Dr. Toohey will discuss irritability as a transdiagnostic construct as especially related to anger and aggression. Definitions and measures of irritability will be reviewed.

Michael J. Toohey, PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology University of Hartford. Dr. Toohey’s specialty is Cognitive Behavioral Assessment and treatment of Anger, Aggression, and Irritability. He has worked at the Albert Ellis Institute for two years and is currently certified through them as a supervisor in Rational-Emotive and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies.

  • Keys to Defusing Anger and Hostility in Marriage: Part 2 –  How can you help couples overcome the angry behavior and hostile attitudes which block love and intimacy? This presentation highlights  the keys for helping couples move from anger to compassion with specific counselor interventions. Motivate couples to change through research-based approaches for overcoming anger: interrupting escalation, developing empathy, connecting through assertiveness and breaking the chain of resentment.

Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC, Diplomate of NAMA, CAMS-IV and Steve Yeschek, LCSW, CAMS-IV, are co-founders of the Anger Management Institute in Oak Brook, IL.  They have provided years of clinical and outpatient services to adults, teens, couples and court-ordered individuals with anger issues.  Steve is also a Pastor at the E.V. Free Church in Crystal Lake, IL. 

  • Anger and Addictions – The purpose of this presentation is to educate participants on the relationship between anger and addiction. Both chemical and process addictions will be discussed along with their reciprocal relationship with anger. Pertinent research on anger and addiction will be discussed. 

Glen Cannon, LCPC, CAMS-III, ABE Consulting Services, Downers Grove, IL  Glen is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Certified Addictions Counselor, providing private, outpatient mental health, anger management and addiction counseling to individuals, couples and families. Glen also provides training and consultation to therapists and agencies. 

  • Anger Management: Integral/Developmental Approach – Dr. Pfeiffer and Ms. Moss will offer the latest state-of-the-art skills, concepts, and techniques for working with clients from a holistic perspective. The presentation will discuss and demonstrate significant developmental structures, stages, and states of consciousness, as well as powerful and effective techniques and tools for affect regulation.

Laura Moss, Diplomate of NAMA, CAMS-IV, CDVS-I, and Rich Pfeiffer, MDiv, PhD, Distinguished Diplomate of NAMA, CAMS-V, CDVS-I, Co-Directors – Growth Central.

  • The Use of Active Symbolism in Anger Reduction – This presentation will discuss four components of the Symbolic Anger Cycle. Mr. Guss will offer applications of Active Symbolism through an Emotional Mandala and verbal process. Each component of the Symbolic Anger Cycle will be clarified and demonstrated.

Adam Guss, MSS, LCSW, Mr. Guss consults on a wide range of life challenges and transitions that can be addressed on the continuum of frustration to rage. He has a full time private practice at Associates of Springfield Psychology in Havertown, PA.

  • Violence Management – This presentation will discuss the state-of-the-art Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT) program which represents the latest evidence-based, best practices for mitigating violence and managing aggressive behavior on a least-to-most intervention methodology.

Andy Prisco, CAMS-II, PERT Supervisor, Western State Hospital. Mr. Prisco leads an interdisciplinary team of motivated clinicians, nurses, and security professionals in the management of psychiatric emergencies and behavioral crises within the Center for Forensic Services at Western State Hospital.

  • Forgiveness: A Strong Antidote for Anger – This presentation highlights the latest research on forgiveness and anger, clinical models on forgiveness, and the positive outcome experienced through acts of forgiveness. This training course will help participants gain the following skills: Learn evidence-based benefits of controlling anger, reducing interpersonal stress, and aggression through acts of   forgiveness. Understand how the practice of forgiveness helps to eliminate a destructive anger cycle.  Understand the importance of helping individuals to forgive themselves to reduce inward anger.

Seigel Bartley, PhD, Diplomate of NAMA, CAMS-IV, CDVS-I, President of Anger is OK, Arlington, TX. Dr. Bartley is a Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor (LPC-S) in the state of Texas. He holds doctorate degrees in Counselor Education and Supervision and Theological Studies.

  • Fighting Community Violence By Creating Community Partners – The Duluth Community Model of domestic violence treatment will be presented. This model involves agencies working together to intervene in domestic violence cases to effect change through the sharing of information in order to expedite proper assistance with housing, counseling and treatment.

Cornell Brunson, D.Th, LCADC, Fellow of NAMA, CAMS-II, CDVS-I. Dr. Brunson has many years of mental health, substance abuse, anger management and domestic violence experience working in the community setting.

Who Should Attend

Anger Management Specialists, Other Anger Management Professionals, Domestic Violence Professionals, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Physicians,Registered nurses, Social workers, Certified Coaches, Substance abuse professionals, Pastors, Chaplains, Community hospital staff, Community mental health clinic staff, Correctional facility staff, Educational staff, Interns/residents, Court staff, Judicial staff, Law enforcement staff, Military personnel, and other interested - All are welcome!

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