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Jul 2015


JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa 23808 Resort Parkway San Antonio 78261
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Event Overview:

The 2015 Annual Visible Learning Conference will convene educational and thought leaders from across the globe to share and dialogue around content and research to deepen our understanding of what actually works best in schools to improve learning. This event will provide an interactive venue for educators and academics to share best practices; make connections; discuss trends, needs, case studies, and breakthroughs; and visualize the future of innovative, inviting learning environments. Come join us for this powerful professional development event, where more than 80 education experts and practitioners will lead keynote presentations, learning sessions, and panel discussions focused on the discussion of our conference theme- Influence and Impact- through the lens of the Visible Learning research! 


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Conference Theme

Influence and Impact

Become Evaluators of Your Effect

The purpose of the Visible Learning research— the most expansive, powerful, proven, and unprecedented educational research base in the world— is to share the impact that one practice can have on our students, our classrooms, and our schools.  Through the research, educators are empowered to eliminate guess work and focus their efforts on using the most influential instructional practices within their schools.

How can you operate one level above where you are now?

By understanding your influence, challenging your expectations, evaluating your impact, and making continuous adjustments towards creating high achieving learning environments.

The focus of the 2015 Annual Visible Learning Conference Visible is to elevate the practice of teaching by enabling educators to measure their impact, power, and progress on a daily basis. 

Learning Intentions

During the 2015 Annual Visible Learning Conference, attendees will:

  • Focus on the evidence base of John Hattie and other thought leaders, along with the actions of teachers around the world, to understand the impact educators are having on student outcomes
  • Network with some of the top educational researchers in the world, including John Hattie, Marcia Tate, Douglas Fisher, and Yong Zhao
  • Learn from the experiences of educators around the world who have put Visible Learning methods into practice
  • Understand the school and classroom factors that most influence student performance
  • Hear about the latest learning innovations and groundbreaking research on what works best in improving student achievement
  • Learn strategies for transforming student outcomes through instructional leadership, identifying and monitoring learning intentions, and overcoming the challenges and barriers to creating Visible Learning schools
  • Become part of the global education network that is changing the way we think and talk about teaching and learning in the 21st century

 Watch John Hattie Discuss Visible Learning!

Click here to watch a video of John Hattie discussing Visible Learning and Know Thy Impact!




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