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Sep 2016
Sep 2016


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ASNC2016 21st Annual Scientific Session - American Society of Nuclear Cardiology


Event Overview:

ASNC2016 is the meeting that matters most if your company is trying to connect with nuclear cardiology leaders and innovators!

In order to maintain competence and improve performance, imaging professionals must assimilate and integrate knowledge spanning multiple areas, including clinical data, technical aspects of imaging, and appropriate application of imaging (e.g., clinical guidelines and appropriate use criteria). Each of these areas is constantly evolving, particularly as innovative technologies and novel pharmacologic agents are introduced. ASNC2016 is an educational activity designed to help you and other imaging professionals obtain the latest information in clinical practice and review cutting-edge scientific advances in nuclear cardiology and cardiac imaging.

Target Audience
This course is intended for cardiologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists, practice administrators, nuclear technologists, nurses and other health care professionals with an interest in the field of nuclear cardiology and cardiac CT imaging.

Learner Objectives

The overall goal of the meeting is to enhance knowledge by providing up-to-date developments in nuclear cardiology and cardiac CT.

    After participating in this activity, learners will be able to:
    Demonstrate improved skills in image interpretation and reporting
    Learn how to recognize and minimize technical problems and artifacts that may be associated with cardiac imaging
    Learn the appropriate use of cardiac imaging techniques based on current guidelines
    Evaluate new imaging technologies, software, and stress techniques
    Understand the role of nuclear and cardiac CT imaging in overall patient care
    Learn the importance of balancing radiation exposure with image quality
    Describe future directions in cardiac PET, CT, and SPECT/CT in order to anticipate training and equipment needs
    Understand the clinical implication of CT coronary angiography cases and recognize its value and limitations in clinical cardiology

The program design includes:

    A scientific forum featuring panel discussions on focused areas of cutting-edge research
    State-of-the-art reviews of the key aspects of nuclear cardiology by the world’s experts
    A basic core curriculum addressing practical issues in the performance of nuclear cardiology procedures to include opportunities for maintenance of certification credit
    Scientific sessions on advances in nuclear cardiology
    Ethics session will offer case based scenarios dealing with ethical issues
    Educational track dealing with CT angiography for the cardiologist as well as the pathophysiology of multimodality imaging
    Presentations addressing technical issues in nuclear cardiology
    Oral abstracts featuring the latest clinical studies in cardiovascular imaging
    Abstracts of original investigation programmed as poster presentations
    Commercial exhibits displaying the latest in nuclear cardiology technology and services
    Cost-related information in the practice and business of nuclear cardiology
    Challenging Cases featuring expert panel discussions
    Opportunities to convene and interact with experts in all aspects of nuclear cardiology and cardiovascular imaging

Exhibitor Information:

ANSC offers a unique combination of cutting-edge science and practical clinical applications. Over 1,000 physicians, scientists, and technologists from every practice setting attend the ASNC Annual Scientific Session for unparalleled professional education, career enhancement, and to renew their commitment to the profession.

Whether your goal is to introduce yourself to new customers or enhance relationships with your current customers, you will have the opportunity to meet with decision-makers face-to-face to discuss new products, cutting-edge research, and technological advances in cardiology.

About ANSC:

The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology (ASNC) is the international leader in education, advocacy, and quality in cardiovascular imaging, with more than 4,500 members worldwide. ASNC provides its members with a variety of continuing medical education programs related to nuclear cardiology and cardiovascular computed tomography (CT), promotes accreditation and certification in nuclear cardiology, establishes standards and guidelines for training and practice, and serves as a representative in health policy and the principal advocacy voice for professionals in the field.




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