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Jan 2014


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Automating Vendor Risk Management - Webinar By EITAGlobal

Online Event


Overview: During the webinar, you will learn the how to introduce ever higher levels of automation into your vendor risk management program, gaining quick wins and rewarding executive sponsors with tangible results. 

You will learn the various approaches to vendor risk management and determine the best path to implementation for your organization. You will learn strategies for gaining commitment from stakeholders - an essential step in implementing any organizational change. You will learn how to use vendor classification to reduce costs and improve compliance. And you will learn how to maximize the benefits of an effective vendor risk management using dashboard reporting and on-going remediation processes. 

Why should you attend: Research has established that those organizations who invest in vendor risk management reap clear and demonstrable benefits - reduced number of security breaches, fewer instances of data theft or loss and a much lighter audit burden, which frees up time and resources. All of these directly impact the bottom line. Automation is key to an effective and scalable vendor risk management program. Automation enables the organization to manage an increasing number of vendors, reducing the need for people to perform repetitive, sometimes tedious tasks and allows them to focus on higher value functions, such as analysis and remediation. Automating vendor risk management is a far-reaching initiative within any organization, as it touches on several areas of responsibility including IT, Legal, Audit , Purchasing and Management. This requires effective communication strategies, both inside the organization and with the vendor community, providing training, timely information and feedback loops. 

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Where are we now? - assessing your organization performs vendor irsk management currently.
  • Building commitment - identifying stakeholders and creating the business cases to bring them onside
  • What’s in the toolbox? - a survey of vendor risk management tools
  • The way forward - a look at the vendor management lifecycle and how to integrate automation
  • One size does not fit all! - the importance of vendor classification
  • Now we’re talking - communications strategies for the vendor community and the organization.
  • Reaping the rewards - monitoring, measuring, reporting
  • Wheel inside a wheel - the process inside the process to ensure compliance is being maintained

Who Will Benefit: 

  • CIO
  • IT Security Managers
  • Risk Management Managers
  • Auditors
  • Contracting/Purchasing

    Speaker Profile:

    Paul is a seasoned IT Security professional, leveraging his extensive experience in the business management and IT operations to deliver IT Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions for Government and Enterprise clients. Paul has experience in delivering mission-critical projects in several sectors, including health, financial, telecommunications and public sector. Paul assists clients with strategic IT planning and also with turning those strategic plans into aligned policies, standards and procedures. He works with clients to plan and implement IT frameworks and architectures, such as IS0 27002, ITIL, PCI-DSS, PIPEDA, COBIT, etc. 

    Paul has experience in automating processes for compliance assessment, asset classification, and document management - implementing software, hardware, processes and procedures and then integrating them with the client's existing risk management program through presentations, training and awareness sessions.

    Price List:
    Live : $239.00
    Corporate live : $479.00
    Recorded : $289.00

    James Richard
    Phone: 800-447-9407
    Fax: 302-288-6884
    Email ID:

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