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Sep 2013


Tampa Convention Center 333 S. Franklin Street Tampa , Florida 33602
Tel: (813) 274-8511
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Biometric Consortium Conference and Technology Expo 2013



Buyers, Researchers, and Technology Leaders - Come Together for The Big Event in Biometrics

The 2013 Biometric Consortium Conference and Technology Expo, presented by AFCEA, NIST and NSA, will address the important role that biometrics plays in identification and verification of individuals for government and commercial applications worldwide. 

The Conference will be two and a half days of presentations, seminars and panel discussions with the participation of internationally recognized experts in biometric technologies, system and application developers, IT business strategists, and government and commercial officers.  The 2013 Conference and Expo focuses on biometric technologies for homeland security, identity management, border crossing, electronic commerce, and other applications.

Who Attends

Open to the general public, nearly 2,000 individuals attend including policy developers and decision-makers, government and industry executives, information technology users and developers, IT CEOs, CTOs and product managers, law enforcement officials, system integrators, personal authentication and information security specialists, educators and students, government, industry, and academia researchers and everyone involved in utilizing biometric-based solutions for a wide range of personal identification/authentication applications including homeland security and the prevention of ID theft.

Who Exhibits

The Biometric Technology Expo showcases technology exhibitors displaying a wide range of hardware and software solutions to biometric and identity management challenges such as fingerprint recognition, voice verification, facial recognition, iris recognition, retina scan, hand geometry, signature verification, gait recognition, earlobe recognition, DNA recognition, civil ID, criminal ID, PC/network access, point of sales authentication and surveillance.


Reach Key Biometric Decision-Makers At This Industry Leading Event!

Biometrics technology leaders - get your advances in biometric-based solutions for personal ID and authentication applications in front of nearly 2,000 top-level buyers at the 2013 Biometric Consortium Conference and Technology Expo, presented by AFCEA, NIST and NSA.  This event will offer unparalleled opportunities to reach top buyers, federal and state agencies and leading industry corporations.

✔ The 2013 Expo attendees planned to spend over $5.8 billion in the next 24 months

✔ 68% of attendees had definite plans of implementing biometrics technology in the
    following 12 months

 63% were directly involved in the purchasing process

✔ In addition to the United States, 28 countries attended in 2012, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, El Salvador, France,  Germany, Ghana, India, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Mexico,  Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

About the Biometric Consortium:

Supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Security Agency (NSA), the Biometrics Consortium is focused on Biometric Technologies for Defense, Homeland Security, Identity Management, Border Crossing and Electronic Commerce.






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