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Oct 2015


Festival Hall at Navy Pier 600 East Grand Avenue Chicago , Illinois 60611
Tel: (312) 595-5282
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CIROBE 2015 - Chicago International Remainder & Overstock Book Exposition


Event Overview:

CIROBE is strictly a trade show open only to attendees and exhibitors within the bargain book trade. This annual trade show takes place in Chicago every fall.

Booksellers and other retailers from around the world come to CIROBE to buy bargain books for their stores. Publishers and remainder companies come to CIROBE to sell bargain books directly to bookstores for resale. Registration for exhibitors and attendees is handled by the CIROBE office in Chicago.

If your business is buying or selling books, and increasing your sales is of interest to you, please read about the bargain book industry and explore how CIROBE is the best possible venue for this market.

Attendee Information:

The real challenge for bargain book buyers is to be in the right place at the right time. Remainders and promotional books, due to their finite nature, are not available to everyone in an endless supply. White sales, by definition, are a one-time deal. There are a vast number of titles offered at CIROBE that will never be available again.

Looking at excel spreadseets via email and selling only to your current customers is simply not enough to stay afloat in the current business climate. CIROBE puts the key elements for successful bargain book buying together in one place: hundreds of widely different exhibitors, dedicated buyers, a purchasing-directed environment, and the year's best remainders, promotional books, and white sales.

CIROBE is the best possible venue for this ever-changing market. If you believe bargain book selling can be a factor in your company's growth or survival, you need to be at CIROBE.

Exhibitor Information:

Appropiate exhibitors at CIROBE are companies with product for resale to bookstores and other bargain book retailers. A contract and full payment are required for registration. CIROBE reserves the right to reject any exhibit application for any reason.

One of the reasons CIROBE was created was to give publishers a marketplace to sell white sale books directly to bookstores. The timing of CIROBE also gives remainder companies the opportunity to add extra sales to the end of their selling season. Hundreds of trade and specialty publishers have found this exposition to be the perfect venue for selling their overstock books to new markets. Remainder book companies from around the globe have found this to be their biggest trade show for bargain book sales.

CIROBE is an ordering show.

CIROBE is set up for exhibitors to take orders for books in their warehouses, and then ship those orders after the show. Therefore, exhibitors bring lists or sample copies of the books for sale, or sometimes just dust jackets if they have a lot of books to sell. Sometimes, exhibitors prefer to sell off sample copies on-site rather than ship them back to their warehouse.




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