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Welcome to, the world's biggest comic book convention. is as close as your computer and, once you get us bookmarked, there are no lines to stand in, no entrance fees to pay, and the fun doesn't end with the last day of the weekend. is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Better still, it isn't confined to any single city or country. is the first GLOBAL comic book convention, open and available to every wired comic book fan on Earth simultaneously!

So, you've made it this far; what can you expect to find at

To start with, please be aware that this is the beta version of the convention. Think of it as if you've gotten a floor pass for the night before the show starts. Some of the booths are open and some are setting up, while certain functions are running smoothly and others still under construction. You can expect new booths springing to life at all the time, so be sure to stop in and explore regularly!

But make no mistake, all open booths are open for business! Click on any activated booth icon and you'll discover amazing worlds of Original Comic Book Art, hard-to-find books, one-of-a-kind comics related items and direct e-mail links to your favorite creators. You can purchase sketches, art or signed editions direct from the artists themselves via mail order, or click to,, or our other on-line book retailers to buy the titles you want with a credit card on their secure shopping cart servers. Need more info when considering a purchase? Check out the ONLINE SHOPPING andCOLLECTING ORIGINAL ART pages.

Be sure to stop in at the MESSAGE BOARDS, too. There isn't a better place on the web to plug into what's happening right now in the world of comics!

Also, please take a moment to add your e-mail address on our mailing list and we'll keep you up-to-date on all the cool things that we will be showcasing at the con. has three main components...

Interested in becoming an exhibitor at We'll be ready to expand the Main Floor as soon as we get out of beta. E-mail Rick Veitch or Steve Conley from the links at their booths and they'll be in touch with the details.

So, the crowds are surging in. There's that famous artist you've been dying to get a sketch from, and guess what? There's no lines at the booths of!


Co-founded by comic book creators Rick Veitch and Steve Conley, launched in 1998 and has served as an ever-growing online community for creators, fans and retailers of all kinds of cartooning and comics art including comic books, graphic novels, mini-comics, animation and online comics.




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