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Nov 2016


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Delegation: Do It Right, Gain Control of Your Time, Get Your High Priority Tasks Done - By Compliance Global Inc.

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Effective delegation is a critical factor for operational efficiency and sustained profitability of any organization in today's dynamic and highly competitive business environment. It helps in providing managers and supervisors additional quality time to find innovative ways to increase productivity and profitability. It is a vital component for any business irrespective of the stage of its maturity. The real challenge lies in identifying the right functions and appropriate people for delegation. Setting clear milestones and deadlines with a framework of accountability help in establishing a healthy system of delegation.

A foundation of good management is effective delegation. Delegation is when managers give responsibility and authority to subordinates to complete a task and, most importantly, let the subordinate manage the task. Effective delegation allows subordinates to learn, grow and be more capable employees. At the same time, managers become more productive themselves as they learn to count on their staffs and are freed up to attend to more strategic issues.

The ability to delegate effectively is a fundamental managerial trait. Effective delegators are great managers and supportive bosses. Yet 65% of the managers Gallup studied had limited-to-low levels of delegator talent, jeopardizing their ability to build teams that can positively influence company performance.

Learn in this webinar real-world delegation strategies that will reduce a manager’s stress level, empower their staff, and enhance productivity and profitability.

Why Should You Attend:

As a supervisor, manager or team leader, you must learn time management so that your most important tasks are accomplished and lead to bottom line results. But the solution is not to spend more time on the job. It is: How can you get better results from the time you spend on the job? How can you increase your productive output from the fixed number of hours in the workday?

Delegation is a key productivity skill. It is a way to “increase” your work time by assigning selected portions of your work to qualified employees. When you delegate you create time for yourself to do the higher priority work that has greater value to your department and to the organization---therefore, making you a more valuable manager. And you develop the abilities of your workers to perform higher-level-work, shoulder responsibility, and handle authority, making them more valuable employees.

However, delegation strategies are often very difficult for new or recently promoted supervisors and managers. They think: “I can do it faster…She won’t be able to get it done on time...he’s bound to make some mistakes.” Or “Suppose I delegate a job to a subordinate and he "blows it". Then the work doesn't get done and I'm in big trouble, right? "Wrong, you're not going to let it fail, because you're going to learn in this webinar a "fail-safe" process - a series of steps that should be followed in sequence for best results.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

Review nine reasons why we don’t delegate and three why we should
Differentiate between effective delegation skills and ineffective delegation with example
List five types of responsibilities that can be part of the delegation process and five that cannot

Learning Objectives:

Practice a five step delegation of tasks process that gives you the confidence that the assigned tasks will get done on time and correctly
Establish control and follow-up procedures that allow you to monitor progress without micromanaging
Learn the delegation skills training basics: what to assign, whom to select, how you communicate so that how you pass the baton, not the buck
Review four levels of authority that gives you comfort that you’re not giving up complete control

Who Will Benefit:

VPs of Human Resources
Chief Learning Officers
Project Managers
Operations Managers/ Supervisors
Team Leaders
Human Resources Professionals

Speaker Profile:

Marcia Zidle is board certified executive coach based in Dallas Texas. Marcia Zidle, The Smart Moves Coach, helps companies target and implement their elephants – the highest pay-off activities – that will produce the results they want. In In other words, she works with business leaders and their teams to get on the right track, stay on the right track, and avoid getting side tracked in their drive for high performance – high profitability – high purpose

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