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Nov 2016


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Emotional Intelligence for Cohesive Organization

Online Event



This webinar will explore what the cohesive organization looks like, what are the challenges faced in developing a cohesive organization, and what kind of skills are required to build a team cohesiveness.

Emotional Intelligence training (EI) has been proven as a crucial component for success of any individual or organization. An organization must function cohesively to succeed.

Why Should You Attend:

Learn about an action oriented, practical, and proven EI model, based on the latest neuro-science research; with eight competencies that are learnable and measurable.

Understand how these EI competencies can improve cohesiveness in any organization.

Understand how awareness of certain characteristics of the human brain improves the chances of success.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

• In this era with global markets, resources, and competition, organizational goals and objectives are more complex than ever. A characteristic commonly seen in a high performing, innovative team is cohesiveness. It is equally important for individuals to have the freedom to engage and be innovative.
• There are many challenges to develop and sustain a cohesive organization. Many of these organizations have members in various locations with diverse cultures. The only thing common between each individual are certain functions of human brain. EI can positively influence our behavior based on these functions.
• Anyone, ranging from an individual contributor to an executive responsible for the organization, who desires to perform effectively and efficiently without getting stressed, needs to understand how to function in, build, and sustain a cohesive organization.
• Emotional Intelligence at work drives people and people drive performance; so it is crucial to understand how EI can help people perform, either individually or in teams.

Learning Objectives:

• Introduction and exploration of a cohesive organization
• Challenges faced in building and sustaining a cohesive organization
• What does it take to build and sustain a cohesive organization
• What is Emotional Intelligence(EI) and why is it important
• Eight EI competencies
• Brief introduction to SEI (Six Seconds EI) and Organization Vital Sign (OVS) assessment tools.
• Characteristics of the human brain that can influence performance and success

Who Will Benefit:

• CEO/COO/VPs of Human Resources
• Chief Learning Officers
• Directors
• Project Managers
• Operation Managers/Supervisors
• Team Leaders
• Staff Managers/ Supervisors
• All employees whose work involves interaction with others to meet organization goals

Speaker Profile:

Shabbir is an Advanced Trainer and Practitioner with Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network.
His process involves distinct blend of experiential learning style and exciting outdoor activities.
He is a mentor/coach, speaker, facilitator, and author. His mission is to empower people to create a healthy and stress-free work environment and live fulfilling lives. Shabbir’s clients have ranged from inmates and staff at a maximum security prison, to at-risk youth in high school, to staff and senior executives of large corporations.

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