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Jan 2014


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Employee Opinion Survey - Why, Why Not, When and How

Online Event


Overview : Employee attitudes affect quality, productivity and service. Millions of dollars can be spent on improving the product, equipment or the operation and additional revenue can be allocated to marketing and public relations. However, if the attitudes of the employees are negative then the investments in these other areas will never produce their expected return. To quote Fred Smith, Founder & Chairman of FedEx - "Customer Service is Directly Related to Employee Satisfaction." 

Therefore, every organization should periodically measure the attitudes of their workforce to ensure that the satisfaction levels are high. There are various ways to determine employee satisfaction levels. Some companies examine turnover statistics, others talk to a few people, listen to squeaking wheels among the group. However, the best way to get a comprehensive, honest reading is by periodically conducting a confidential Employee Opinion Survey of all employees and management.

The reasons for not conducting an Employee Opinion Survey include such things as the following:

  • Management is not interested in hearing from employees and therefore unlikely to address the issues that surface
  • The survey in part is a "report card" on how well managers are performing. Good managers appreciate surveys because they want to know how they are doing and will use the information from the survey to improve. Poor managers do not want to know how they are doing and they don’t want anyone else in management to know

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Why conduct an Employee Opinion Survey? Why Not?
  • When and How Should a Survey be conducted?
  • What Does a Survey Report Look Like?
  • Common Questions about Surveys




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