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Nov 2016


Hilton Garden Inn Salt Lake City Airport 4975 Wiley Post Way Salt Lake City , Utah 84116
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Employee Selection Tools and Techniques 2016



Employee selection and promotion is about predicting the future. At decision time, the questions to be answered are "How well will this individual function in the role?" and "how long will they stay?” Additional predictions might include "How much potential does this person have to take on additional responsibility?"  While perfect prediction isn't possible, solid understanding of principles, adequate preparation, and good discipline can dramatically improve accuracy and prevent the unpleasant surprises which inevitably result from a hiring failure.  This seminar will equip attendees with the understanding and tools to design and implement selection and promotional processes for all positions entry-level to top executive, in organizations of any size - across industries.  At the foundation understands position requirements what it takes to succeed. From there, we will explore recruitment where are the candidates who meet your needs and how do we turn them into applicants, Once we have an applicant pool, the attention shifts to screening and selection. Screening looks at efficient, low-cost means of reducing the candidate pool to a manageable size. Selection refers to a series of "lenses" to gain an in-depth understanding of the candidate's capabilities, motivators, interpersonal skills, and other factors which determine whether there is a good fit between the individual, the position, and your organization.  We will explore the pre-employment interview and learn how to dramatically improve its effectiveness as a selection tool. This will include learning how to design high-yield questions which go beyond the customary "fluff" that characterizes many interviews and how to interpret candidate responses which, in turn, predict future on-the-job behaviors.  We will also look at adding other selection tools such as testing and simulations (job samples) to the selection tool mix. These can greatly improve prediction accuracy and provide an alternative view of candidate skills. We will also explore techniques which improve the usefulness of reference information, including eliciting vital information from sometimes reluctant sources.  Finally, we will address legal issues to ensure that any selection process is defensible and, even better is seen as relevant and fair by all candidates.

Why should you attend?

As Jim Collins of Good to Great wrote, "It all starts with putting the right people in the right seats on the bus". Hiring (and promoting) qualified individuals is likely the most important ingredient for organizational success,  Hiring managers frequently make a multitude of mistakes, ranging from inadequately understanding position requirements to over-estimating candidate capability. Hiring mistakes, in turn, cause a multitude of problems, often quite costly, both economically and otherwise.  This seminar will greatly improve both your confidence and competence at selecting people with the mix of skills, motivation, attitude, and personality to be successful at the position and good fits for your culture.  In addition to the most often-used selection tool, the pre-employment interview, this seminar will explore the use of standardized instruments (tests), designing and using simulations, and maximizing return on references.  Also, we will discuss defensibility and avoiding complaints from unsuccessful applicants.  The seminar facilitator has 37 years’ experience as an industrial/organizational psychologist and has designed the selection processes for over 300 organizations including Ford Motor Company, Wal-Mart, First Bank Chicago, and the Peace Corps.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • The big-picture look at selection/promotion
  • How to analyse position and organizational requirements
  • Effective recruiting
  • Designing and using screening tools
  • How to design and conduct high-yield interviews
  • Adding testing and simulations to the selection toolbox
  • Avoiding legal problems
  • Maximizing return on reference inquiries
  • Putting it all together - designing a selection process

Who Will Benefit:

  • Hiring managers
  • Business owners
  • Recruiters
  • HR Generalists
  • HR Directors


Day 1 Schedule:

Lecture 1:

  • Introduction to Selection
  • Analysing  jobs - what it takes to succeed

Lecture 2:

  • Recruitment - How to source candidates
  • Screening tools - how to bring the candidate pool down to size

Lecture 3:

  • The pre-employment interview
  • Opening the Interview
  • Structuring the Interview

Lecture 4:

  • Interview Information Categories
  • Designing high-yield questions
  • Telling and Selling
  • Closing the Interview

Day 2 Schedule:

Lecture 1:

  • Improving the odds of offer acceptance
  • Legal Issues - staying Out of Trouble

Lecture 2:

  • Interview Practice
  • Lecture 3:
  • Testing - it's role in selection
  • Designing and Using Simulations

Lecture 4:

  • Maximizing Return on References
  • Wrap-up


Harry Brull

President, Laurdan Associates Inc. 

Harry Brull served as Senior Vice-President of Personnel Decisions International (PDI), now Korn Ferry Leadership Consulting, for 36 years. During his tenure he has designed selection systems and trained interviewers for over 1,000 organizations ranging from Ford Motor Company to the Peace Corps. He has trained over 200,000 recruiters and interviewers with backgrounds ranging from high school graduates to Ph.D scientists. Harry is a licensed psychologist and has taught industrial/organizational psychology at the undergraduate and graduate levels for 17 years. He has served as an expert witness in employment law cases in both state and federal court, representing both private and public-sector clients.

In October, 2015, Harry and colleagues from Korn Ferry founded BCG consulting Group

Harry served as President of the International Personnel Assessment Council and is the recipient of the Stephen E. Bemis Memorial Award and the Clyde J. Linley Exemplary Service Award. He was a charter member of the Minnesota Employment Law Council.

Location: Salt lake City, UT Date: November 3rd 4th, 2016 Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Venue: Hilton Garden Inn Salt Lake City Airport

4975 Wiley Post Way, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84116, USA

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