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Nov 2016


Venue TBD Washington , District of Columbia
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Essential Skills Crash Course for the HR Professional


We will begin with understanding how to leverage your power, influence, and persuasion. We define power as the potential to allocate resources and to make and enforce decisions. For you, the HR professional, it means understanding how to obtain power and use it wisely. Strategically, understanding your power, influence and persuasion capabilities could mean the difference between supporting or leading strategy within your organization.

Strategy creation is about doing the right things and is a primary concern of senior executives and business owners. Implementation is about doing things right, a very different set of activities. While much is written about strategy, much less has been written about implementation of strategy. We hope to correct that problem in the strategy segment of the essential skills crash course.

Negotiation is the means by which one creates synergies and resolves differences. Whether a negotiation involves a labor contract dispute, the terms of a contract, a complex alliance, or an informal discussion, the parties involved generally seek mutually beneficial outcomes through dialogue.

Negotiation is an ever-present feature of the workplace, when HR professionals strengthen their knowledge of their company’s business with an eye toward strengthening their role in strategic planning, they are negotiating. In this segment, you will receive a wealth of practical tips and examples to help you begin applying your negotiation skills immediately in the workplace.

Areas Covered:

  1. Building credibility as an HR Professional… power, influence, and persuasion
  2. How to develop the vital skill of strategy
  3. The art of Negotiation
  4. Managing change and transition
  5. Corporate communications & public relations
  6. Project management based HR services
  7. The basics of Finance and budgeting

Who will Benefit:

  • HR Representatives,
  • HR Generalists,
  • HR Assistants,
  • Business Owners
  • Managers,
  • Consultants,
  • Managers,
  • Supervisors,
  • Self-taught project managers seeking enrichment training and new skills
  • Project teams having trouble juggling their tasks and responsibilities

Topic Background:

As an HR professional, you may sometimes find yourself in situations where you have management or leadership responsibility but no corresponding formal authority. For example, perhaps you head up a cross-functional team tasked with developing a new performance management system, and some or all of the team’s members don’t report to you. Or maybe you participate along with your CEO and other executives in the company’s strategic planning process. In these and similar cases, issuing direct orders is not feasible. Nevertheless, you must lead.

Leadership, of course, has never been a matter of formal authority. Leaders become effective when the people around them acknowledge them as a leader because of their personal qualities: their attributes, attitudes, and behaviors. There is no single best way to lead when you’re not the boss. Different situations call for different types of leaders. In this packed 3-day seminar, we will go through those essential skills that are guaranteed to position you as a leader within your organization.

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