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Nov 2016


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Final FLSA Overtime Rule And Classifying Exempt Employees - By AtoZ Compliance

Online Event


Key Take Away:

This webinar will explain the changes in the new Final FLSA compliance overtime rule and help you understand how those changes impact the classification process of employees as “exempt” vs. “non-exempt”.


In this FLSA webinar, understand how to properly classify employees as “exempt” based upon final FLSA overtime rule.

Why Should You Attend:

Don’t get caught out of compliance. The deadline for compliance is fast approaching and employers must understand how to ensure that they are in compliance with the new final FLSA overtime rule.

Employers also need to protect against misclassification lawsuits by understanding how to properly classify employees as “exempt”.

Areas Covered In This Webinar:

Not only can the FLSA be very tricky, but in addition, the Department of Labor has now issued its long awaited Fair Labor Standards Act Final Rule.

The last time that the FLSA was revised was back in 2004 and things have been the same for employers since that time. The Final Rule makes significant changes in which of your employees will now qualify to be “exempt” and therefore not entitled to overtime.

More significant though is the fact that many of your employees who were previously treated as exempt will now be converted to non-exempt employees and thus entitled to overtime. This is a change that may end up costing employers dearly.

With all the changes, employers now more than ever will be required to understand how to properly classify their employees as exempt or non-exempt, under the Final FLSA overtime rule training.

Please join Melissa Fleischer, attorney at law, as she provides this in-depth overview of the Final Rule and advice on methods for employers to ensure compliance with these revisions to the FLSA.

Learning Objectives:

Analysis and overview of the Final Rule overtime revisions and what they could mean for employers
How the Final Rule will change the classification of many of your current employees resulting in your paying more in overtime
How the salary level threshold will change effective December 1, 2016 and a mechanism that automatically updates these thresholds every three years
Methods for classifying exempt employees properly based on the Final Rule revisions to the FLSA with regards to the “white-collar” exemptions

Who Will Benefit:

HR Professionals
VP of HR
Business Owners
General Counsel

Speakers Profile:

Melissa Fleischer
Melissa Fleischer is the Founder and President of HR Learning Center LLC, a full-service Human Resources Consulting Firm specializing in the area of employment law. HR Learning Center LLC provides training seminars, on-line webinars and consulting on a wide range of workplace and human resource issues.

Ms. Fleischer is a management-side employment attorney with over twenty (20) years experience and is nationally recognized as an expert in her field. She has successfully represented numerous clients in employment discrimination litigation as well as providing preventive counseling and training on workplace issues.

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