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Jan 2014


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Green Data Centers and Clouds - Webinar By EITAGlobal

Online Event


Overview: This course will cover basic green data center design in light of new findings from Hurricane Sandy and the expectation of increased severe weather as a result of climate change in the coming years. The electrical grid in particular is extremely susceptible to major climate disruptions and many states as well as data center operators are deploying micro grids in response. This is resulting in the design of new "distributed" data centers, as opposed to the traditional mega facility. 

As well the course will discuss the impact of California’s new cap and trade program and the proposed carbon tax systems to be implemented in several states. Business case analysis will be provided on the aspects and cost savings of various green data center architectures. 

Why should you attend: Data centers and corporate clouds can represent up to 50% of the electrical energy costs for an organization. As CFOs start to realize that the IT department is responsible for the one of the largest cost centers in many organizations there is increased pressure for CIOs to find ways to reduce the energy consumption of their data center and/or clouds. In addition several states such as California, Oregon, Washington etc are planning to introduce cap and trade or carbon taxes which will further significantly increase the cost of operating data centers and clouds in those states. As well new SEC rules require that corporations disclose their liability in terms of exposure to climate change and the increased likelihood of storms and droughts. Hurricane Sandy was a wakeup call to the data center industry. Several data centers were knocked up in the New York area, which in turn caused major economic damage to the companies whose servers were hosted in their data centers. 

Areas Covered In the Session:

  • Lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy about data center design and location
  • Impact of climate change on future data center design and architecture
  • How green data centers can be deployed significantly cheaper than today’s mega facilities
  • How PUE, WUE and CUE are largely irrelevant in data center design
  • Micro grid power design for data centers
  • Examples of Green data centers powered by bio-fuels, solar & wind power etc
  • Business case studies of Green data centers

Who will benefit:

  • CIOs
  • CFOs
  • Insurance Adjusters
  • Data Center Facilities Managers
  • Data Center Architects
  • IT Managers
  • Cloud Architects

Speaker Profile:
Bill St. Arnaud is an internationally recognized Green IT and Internet consultant providing a variety of university, industry and government clients strategic advice on Internet, data center, cloud computing and shared services particularly with their potential to mitigate against the affects of climate change. Bill has over twenty-five years of experience in and network architecture engineering, enterprise IT system design, data and cloud centre operations, IT strategic planning, leading initiatives of up to $50 million US in value and of global scope. 

Recently he has undertaken assignments in Alberta, UK and The Netherlands preparing environmental scans and business plans on data centers and network shared services. His assignments have resulted in the implementation of several multi-million dollar shared services programs in these countries which are now in the process of being implemented. His news articles and blogs are considered by many in the community to be an indispensable resource on issues and future direction with respect green data centers and network

Price List:
Live : $239.00
Corporate live : $479.00
Recorded : $289.00

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