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Apr 2015


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Health Canada's Enforcement of the Regulatory Requirements for the Manufacture, Advertising and Sale of Foods and Beverages

Online Event


Event Overview:

Health Canada takes an active role in ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements for advertising, marketing and selling food in Canada. In addition to rules to ensure the safety of food for Canadians, there are strict rules to ensure that manufacturers do not make false or misleading representations about food to Canadian consumers. This training program will introduce participants to various key legislations and its regulators, and discuss regulatory measures to ensure compliance.

Why Should You Attend:

This advanced webinar is aimed at all companies involved in the manufacture, advertising and sale of foods and beverages (including external advisors and consultants) that do business, or want to do business, in Canada.

These companies should be aware of the strict rules around manufacturing, advertising, selling and labeling foods in Canada, and the penalties for being found offside these rules so that appropriate business decisions can be made. The food industry is getting increasingly innovative and pushing the boundaries and it is important that businesses be able to take appropriate risks to keep up with the competition without taking themselves offside the rules and restrictions.

An error can be costly: Health Canada’s enforcement provisions include the ability to impose strict penalties and jail time, order a stop sale and/or product recall. The costs of doing business are becoming increasingly high, but for companies that can navigate the system appropriately, the benefits of innovative marketing campaigns are numerous.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Introductions: the regulator and relevant legislation
    • Health Canada and the CFIA
    • The Food and Drugs Act and its regulations
    • The Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act
    • Commodity-specific legislation
    • Canadian food safety legislation: the Safe Food for Canadians Act
  • Compliance: Canadian requirements for the manufacture, advertising and marketing of food
  • Compliance monitoring, verifications and investigations
  • Enforcement, and regulatory measures to ensure compliance

Who Will Benefit:

This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel in:

  • Regulatory affairs, marketing, business development or legal roles within any food or beverage company that advertises or markets product in Canada
  • External consultants who advise food and beverage companies


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