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Jun 2015


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HIPAA Enforcement Examples - Where Others Have Gone Wrong

Online Event


Event Overview:

This HIPAA training will outline the new rules and significantly higher fines, including mandatory minimum fines of $10,000, for willful neglect of compliance. HIPAA enforcement has taken on a new importance at HHS; officials have publicly stated that enforcement is now a priority, and that means being ready for an audit or compliance review is more important than ever.

Why Should You Attend:

HIPAA enforcement is now a significant reality, and settlements for violations are being announced more and more frequently. Now, with the increase in breach reporting and the new random audit program, enforcement of HIPAA is something that every HIPAA entity and business associate needs to be aware of and prepared for, by examining why prior enforcement occurred and what could be done to prevent such problems.

This webinar will review:

  • The HIPAA enforcement actions that have taken place and examine why the enforcement took place and what could have been done to prevent the incident that led to the enforcement.
  • The requirements that were not met and discuss what HIPAA entities need to do to ensure that the proper policies, procedures, training, and documentation of their application are in place to prevent problems and limit the organization's exposure in incidents.
  • The HIPAA audit program and how it works, and discuss the areas that caused the most issues in the 2012 audits.
  • The kind of issues and entities that had the most problems, and highlight areas where entities need to improve their compliance the most, and also explore the typical risk issues that lead to breaches of health information and see how those issues may be a target for auditors in 2015.
  • The HIPAA audit and enforcement regulations and processes, and how they apply to HIPAA covered entities and business associates.
  • The new trends in information security risks so you can start to plan for the work you'll need to do to stay in compliance and keep patient information private and secure.

The course will also detail the recent changes that increased fines and created new penalty levels, including new penalties for willful neglect of compliance that begin at $10,000. The results of prior enforcement actions and HHS audits (and their penalties) will be discussed, including recent actions involving multi-million dollar fines and settlements.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • The HIPAA enforcement processes and how they apply to covered entities and business associates.
  • The HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification regulations (and the recent changes to them) and how their compliance will be evaluated in enforcement circumstances.
  • Recent changes to the HIPAA enforcement regulations that increase fines and create new penalty levels, including new penalties for willful neglect of compliance that begin at $10,000.
  • The information and documentation that needs to be prepared in advance so that you can be ready for an enforcement review or an audit without notice.
  • The results of prior HHS enforcement actions and audits (and their penalties), including recent actions involving multi-million dollar fines and settlements.
  • Identification of weaknesses in organizational compliance.
  • Questions asked in prior audits and enforcement reviews.
  • Future threats to the security of patient information.
  • The importance of a good compliance process to help you stay compliant more easily.


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