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Oct 2016


Venue TBD Washington , District of Columbia
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How to Create Excel Dashboards Using Pivot Tables: In-Person Seminar


Excel Dashboards are the new buzzword employers are searching for. If you have, or want a career that involves creating reports in Excel, then you need to know how to build impressive, interactive, visually stunning, Excel dashboards. This practical, one-day workshop will leave you with Excel techniques you can immediately put to use making killer dashboards that set your skill level apart from others

There are two major methods to produce Excel Dashboards: (1) Pivot Tables and (2) Dynamic Interactive Charts which are different and much more complex than normally produced charts. The first method is easier and this one day seminar will focus on How to Create Excel Dashboards Using Pivot Tables.

This one-day workshop is designed for the professional who has used Excel often but does not have a crystal-clear understanding of Charts, Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Pivot Slicers and how to use these features to construct dynamic, interactive, automatically-updating Excel Dashboards. Our one-day workshop will help you master three critical Excel skills in just one day: (1) Charts, (2) Pivot Tables and (3) Dashboards. Pivot Tables also include Pivot Charts and Slicers.

Microsoft Excel dashboards are powerful tools that summarize spreadsheet data to render a concise overview of critical business metrics. Dashboards provide an excellent and succinct way to share a "snap shot" view of key performance indicators (KPIs) for both small businesses and enterprise-level organizations. You can buy expensive software to create dashboards, but before you do, take one day to learn about incredible Excel tools you can use to save thousands in new software purchases.

This one-day practical workshop will update your Excel skills by teaching you how to create impressive Dashboards even if you don’t have artistic talent. At the conclusion of this seminar you'll be able to create amazing, interactive Excel dashboards that update at the click of a button and leave a lasting 'wow' impression.

In order to create eye-catching Excel dashboards you need to understand how to create professional-level Excel charts and use Excel Pivot Tables, Pivot Tables and Slicers. We’ll show you this and much more – in just one practical, incredibly informative day!

The hallmark of an interactive, data-driven dashboard is the ability to see and understand data at the speed of thought. This on-the-job, nut-'n-bolts training workshop will deliver the skills you need to design well-planned Excel dashboards that present answers to questions in real-time, render visually striking displays, turn insight into action, help accomplish your firm’s objectives and improve your Excel skills.

Learning Objectives:

CHARTS - By the End of the Seminar You Will:

  • Create Charts Instantly with Shortcuts - Move and Resize Charts
  • Use the Design Tab To Fine Tune Your Chart for Stunning Visual Displays
  • Leverage Visual Analysis for Titles, Numbers, Striking Visual Displays and Greater Impact

PIVOT TABLES - By the End of the Seminar You Will:

  • Understand and Create Pivot Tables – The Backbone of Most Dashboards
  • Set Up Your Data and Create a Pivot Table in Less Than 5 Minutes.
  • Use the Pivot Table Field List to Slice and Dice Your Data
  • Instantly Interchange Rows and Columns of Information for Added Clarity and Analysis
  • Use Slicers to Filter Pivot Tables - Format and Size Slicers for Easy Client Use
  • Instantly Organize, Subtotal, Sort, Group and Summarize Numeric Data; Alphabetize as Necessary.
  • Add Dynamically Linked Tables, Drill-down Capacity, Charts and Slicers (Filters) to the Data Model
  • Create Slicers & Pivot Charts with WOW Power That Commands Respect for Your Work
  • Place Key Business Metrics in an Interactive Pivot Table for Instant Dashboard Analysis

Who will Benefit:

  • CFO's,
  • Financial Controllers,
  • Accounting and Finance Managers and Staff,
  • Financial Analysts,
  • Budget Directors and staff,
  • CPAs,
  • Auditors,
  • Administrators and Managers
  • HR and Sales professionals who prepare reports using Excel
  • Engineers and Production Managers who prepare reports using Excel
  • IT Professionals Who Want a CPA/Financial Analyst's Point of View on Analytical Reporting

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