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Nov 2016


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How to Price for Risk in Merchant Banking - By Compliance Global Inc.

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U.S. payments landscape is effecting how merchants accept payment processing for purchases at physical stores, funds availability as well as how consumers interact with merchants to select and pay for products.

The challenge is accurately and consistently pricing for risk analysis in today’s competitive environment. Margins are low in the merchant account industry that risk screening and monitoring will make the difference between a profitable and losing business venture. Remaining competitive in a highly congested merchant processing space is the key.

Why Should You Attend:

The risk surrounding payment card processing is complex and nuanced. There are a number of variables that determine merchant banking risk. Digitization and mobile payments have changed the dynamics of the industry.

Mobile devices now not only support payments but also enable new services that add value for both consumers and merchants. The fundamentals for underwriting and risk management guidelines are very similar across the industry, how to price for it the differentiating point.

There are a number of variables that determine merchant risk. Key components include the merchant's longevity and financial stability, transaction finality, industry, business model, billing method, products and services offered, and processing history.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

• How to categorize merchant risk?

• How to determine reserve requirements?

• Key components in Risk Metrics.

• Pricing Models

• How to qualify for best Interchange Rates?

• Determination of funds availability

• Transaction Monitoring

• EMV/NFC guidelines and liability shift

• Best practices in risk management

Learning Objectives:

• Learn the fundamental underwriting and risk management guidelines

• Determine variables that constitute merchant risk

• How to assign a dollar value and quantify exposure

Who Will Benefit:

• Underwriting

• Payment Service Providers

• Analysts

• Merchants considering Payment Acceptance

• Risk and Chargeback Management Personnel

Speaker Profile:

Armen Khachadourian is the Founder and President of Digital Payments Inc, a consulting firm providing advisory services in the areas of merchant processing, BSA/AML Best practices and guidelines, ISO/MSP formation, merchant portfolio and acquiring acquisitions, prepaid and alternative payment products.

Armen has also served in executive positions at several top ten financial institutions and helped them maximize growth and revenues in today’s challenging electronic payments marketplace. As a Vice President of JPMorgan Chase’s Prepaid Product in Treasury Services he was responsible for designing and launching prepaid cards in the EU market. As a Senior Vice President at Visa USA, he expanded Card acceptance to new markets.

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