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Jul 2013


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How To Write A Workplace Safety Plan - Webinar by TrainHR

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Overview : Creating a safety plan can be a daunting task. For instance, there are specific safety compliance requirements that an employer has to meet, and the goal of a good plan is to send every employee home safe everyday - and no job is more important than that. It can be hard enough to write a good plan even for a safety professional. 

These days, more often than not, the person responsible for safety is not even a safety professional and struggles with how to even get started on a plan. This training session will help you to develop a process and a plan to not only write a comprehensive safety plan to protect your organization, but also a plan that protects your employees. 

Why should you attend: No employer wants to find out the hard way that their safety plan had holes in it. Dependent on industry or state, many employers are required by law to have written safety plans. Fire, emergencies, safe working procedures, chemical handling, and accident avoidance and reporting are just a few of the elements of a basic workplace safety plan. 

No employer wants to see an employee hurt but especially, if the situation could have been avoided. Writing a safety plan forces an employer to assess their workplace risks. Safety plans can also lower workers compensation costs through accident avoidance and prompt reporting procedures. 

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Components of a safety plan
  • Safety analysis - where to start
  • Corporate, Supervisors, and Employees: Who is responsible for what?
  • The role of management
  • The facility safety analysis
  • A job safety analysis
  • Where does workplace violence fit in?
  • It doesn't stop at publication: how to involve employees
  • What about visitors, vendors, customers, etc.?
  • Do safety incentive programs work?
  • What a safety plan can AND can't do




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