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Sep 2014
Sep 2014


Grand Hyatt San Antonio 600 East Market Street San Antonio , Texas 78205
Tel: (210) 224-1234
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IMMH 2014 - Integrative Medicine for Mental Health


Event Overview:

This international conference will explore the field of Integrative Medicine in the treatment of mental health, autism, and related disorders. The current trial-and-error, poly-pharmacy approach to the treatment of psychiatric disorders may not work for everyone. Research studies have revealed that many disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders, and autism spectrum disorders often have dietary and biological causes which contribute to symptoms. Patients have better outcomes when these causes are successfully addressed and treated through a combination of specialized testing and nutritional therapies, even in combination with traditional approaches.

A comprehensive overview of biological testing, designed to detect underlying health issues that contribute to imbalanced brain chemistry and behavioral abnormalities will be presented. Practical clinical applications of nutritional therapies for the treatment of mental illness and autism will be presented in detail during this conference. Pharmacological treatments and interactions will also be addressed. Numerous case studies will be presented to demonstrate how individuals respond to integrative treatments. Overall, the main focus of this conference is to give practitioners a whole body approach to successfully diagnose underlying issues contributing to the manifestations of neurological, social, and behavioral disorders. In addition, the integrative treatments for these disorders will be presented in detail.

Attendee Information:

Educational Objectives

Discover an approach to investigating and addressing persistent mental and physical chronic illness.

Learn about the evidence to support considerations of nutritional factors and non-medication interventions for the treatment of mental health disorders.

Learn metabolic mechanisms whereby chemical toxicants induce harm and cause chronic illness.

Gain familiarity with physiologic imbalances, modifiable through diet and lifestyle interventions that can manifest as depression and anxiety such as thyroid imbalance, dysglycemia, and food intolerance.

Learn about the theory and application of cytokine models of depression and the relevance of the gut/brain axis.
Attendees will be introduced to various detoxification interventions which facilitate elimination of toxicant bioaccumulation.

Awareness of the utility of brain imaging in helping to diagnose and treat mental health conditions.

Learn different SPECT scan patterns for ADD, OCD, dementia, and other mental health conditions.

How the optimization of hormones can eliminate the need for many psychoactive medications.

The critical role of thyroid hormone in mental health.

New concepts for the treatment of ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults.

Targeted supplements for mind, mood, and memory.

New insights into the treatment of schizophrenia.

Neuroendocrine and immune imbalance in depression and anxiety.

Breaking the cycle of the addicted brain.

Transcranial Magnet Stimulation (TMS) for the treatment of depression.

And more!

Exhibitor Information:

If mental health and wellness is a concern or forte of your organization, this conference is an ideal opportunity for you. Your organization can build a reputation with the IMMH community by sponsoring and/or exhibiting at this respected conference. Our conference schedule allows for ample breaks and provides social opportunities for you to personally connect with attendees and speakers.

Anticipated Attendance

We had nearly 250 people attend last year's conference in Chicago, IL, a 42% increase compared to 2012 and a 92% increase compared to 2011. Of those attendees, more than 52% were prescribing physicians which included MDs, DOs, PAs, and Nurse Practitioners. This year we expect to have more than 300 attendees.




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