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Sep 2015
Sep 2015


Crowne Plaza San Jose-Silicon Valley 777 Bellew Drive Milpitas , California 95035
Tel: (408) 321-9500
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Visionary Silicon Valley Funders and the Satellite Industry Come Together to Ignite a New Era in Space Commercialization

Keynote Address:

  • Dan Berkenstock, Head of Skybox Product and Partner Development, Google, SKYBOX IMAGING


  • Build relationships with the funders & innovators who are re-defining near-space commerce
  • Identify the winning business models, strategies and teams in this new era
  • Gain insights into partnering strategies between new players and incumbent aero defense and satellite value chain
  • Understand further impacts of enabling technologies: big data analytics and machine learning, additive manufacturing & other breakthroughs


Featured Speakers:

  • Chris Boshuizen, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, PLANET LABS, INC.
  • Hoyt Davidson, Founder, Managing Member, NEAREARTH, LLC
  • Lars Dyrud, Chief Executive Officer, OMNIEARTH, INC.
  • Steve Goldberg, Operating Partner, VENROCK
  • Alexander MacDonald, Program Executive, Emerging Space Office, NASA
  • Suzi McBride, Vice President, Program Management Office and Launch Services, IRIDIUM
  • William Porteous, General Partner and Chief Operations Officer, RRE VENTURES
  • Nic Volpi, Partner, PERMIRA

DEVELOPMENT OF LOW EARTH ORBIT IS RAMPING UP! Many factors are converging to upend old business models and technologies. Space access is no longer ‘gated’ by NASA, giant aero-defense primes and Telcos. New, deep pocket players – Google, Facebook, SpaceX, Microsoft, Virgin/OneWeb & others – have visionary plans to provide broadband access to emerging economies, whether via satellite, drones or balloons. The number of satellites in orbit may double, triple or quadruple in the next 5-10 years; one analysis estimates $7.4 billion worth of activity in the next 5 years alone, not counting SpaceX and constellations. Start-ups are also testing novel business models around geospatial data. Jointly, all these developments, along with big policy shifts at NASA, DOD, and NGIA, are ushering in a new era of space development driven by vast Earthbased markets.

However, the money side of the “private space” equation has, until now, been restricted to a few wealthy individuals and companies. The venture capital community is just now coming online. The risk/reward balance for space is unique and not for the faint of heart.

In light of these trends, Infocast is hosting the inaugural SPACE 2.0: New Applications & Markets, set in Silicon Valley. The Summit will profile fresh thinking around business models, partnering strategies, risk/reward and timelines, as illustrated by innovators in orbital services, geospatial analytics, satellite design, launch platforms, manufacturing platforms and ground systems. Traditional players will respond to the new developments. SPACE 2.0 will be the first dedicated event to explore the implications of the “new money” in the space game, tied closely to the innovation dynamics of space entrepreneurs and a host of new enabling technologies. This will be a must-attend event!

Advisory Board

  • David Barnhart, Director, Space Engineering Research Center, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA / Former Program Manager (Phoenix & SeeMe Projects), DARPA
  • Skot Butler, Vice President, Satellite Networks and Space Services, INTELSAT GENERAL CORP.
  • Sean Casey, Executive Director, SILICON VALLEY SPACE CENTER
  • Jeremy Conrad, Founding Partner, LEMNOS LABS
  • Hoyt Davidson, Founder, Managing Member, NEAR EARTH, LLC
  • Keith Gillard, Partner, PANGAEA VENTURES
  • Steve Goldberg, Partner, VENROCK
  • Rob Hoyt, Chief Executive Officer, TETHERS UNLIMITED
  • Troy Jensen, Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst, PIPER JAFFRAY
  • Sunil Nagaraj, Vice President, BESSEMER VENTURE PARTNERS
  • Akshay Patel, Vice President, Investment Banking Division, MORGAN STANLEY
  • Will Pomerantz, Vice President Special Projects, VIRGIN GALACTIC
  • Will Porteous, General Partner, RRE VENTURES
  • Ivan Rosenberg, Executive Director, AEROSPACE & DEFENSE FORUM
  • Alexander Thatcher, Director Technology Collaborations, HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES
  • Kathy Shockey, Vice President, Business Development, SPACE SYSTEMS LORAL
  • Jerry Stenovec, Phantom Works|Advanced Space Access, BOEING
  • Arnie Streland, Director, Strategy and Business Development, ORBITAL ATK
  • Nic Volpi, Partner, PERMIRA
  • Bilal Zuberi, Partner, LUX CAPITAL

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