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Jul 2016


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Internal Audits for Compliance - do they have a purpose? What is needed to ensure maximization of benefits of an internal audit? - By Compliance Global Inc.

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Compliance is a necessity in today’s environment of Audits on all levels- Federal –State and contract auditors. How do you know that your organization is truly in compliance with all the regulations? Your best defense is a good offence; conduct audits, Internal auditing.

Internal audits are required in some areas, but should be standard practice in all areas. When done correctly they help to ensure your organizations compliance and allows you to make correction/modifications as needed.

Why Should You Attend:

This webinar will help you establish a replicable process to ensure that when internal audits are conducted between departments or across the organization the same internal process and procedure is utilized.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

During this webinar the various situations, that would indicate the need for internal auditing will be addressed. The best methods to establish and internal process will be covered as well as how to select the member or members of the auditing team.

Each audit should have its own focus yet will have distinct part, how to determine the purpose of your audit and ensure that the results are consistent and usable for your organization. We will also look at how to optimize the results of your internal audit to ensure not only federal state compliance but continued improvement for your organization.

Learning Objectives:

Types of internal audits
How to conduct an audit
Development of your audit focus and questions
Who should be on your audit team
Management of information obtained from an audit

Who Will Benefit:

Compliance Officers
Directors of Nurses
Department Heads
Directors of Education
Directors of Rehab
Human Resources Officers

Speaker Profile:

Laura S. Hargraves MS CCC-SLP, has worked in the healthcare industry for over 25 years. Her background includes working with CMS for Medicare compliance within Skilled Nursing and Rehab facilities. She has worked with diverse teams to ensure that they are meeting the standards necessary to foster and support the ever changing demands for improved compliance and reporting with in the healthcare industry. She has a strong belief that each organisation benefits from a strong leader who is supported by the correct team members in all areas of their organisation. Your compliance team is essential for the strength of your organisation.

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