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Mar 2014


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Live webinar on iSCSI - Internet SCSI (an IP Storage Protocol)

Online Event


Overview: This tutorial will explain the fundamentals of iSCSI (internet SCSI) Storage Protocol and will explain the various parts of iSCSI. A discussion will be held regarding legacy SCSI and how this has been extended for use on FC networks and now on Internet/Ethernet Networks. The Architecture and structure will be explained including the process of imbedding SCSI commands into a TCP/IP packet along with a description of the iSCSI Model which shows the layering of a generic implementation. 

In addition, the concept of an iSCSI Session will be explained along with its Relationship to SCSI and TCP/IP Connections. A key part of the iSCSI protocol that will be described is the Multiple Connection per Session between Host and Storage Controllers, In addition the iSCSI Integrity processes, message types, and error handling will be discussed. There are various different companion processes for discovery, and boot that will be described. A very unique capability of iSCSI, called "Redirection" will be discussed, 

iSCSI contains several Integrity capabilities that insures that the messages that are sent do not have any undetected lost bits/bytes. This will be described along with various Security Properties. And the iSCSI Environments from the small office, to the High End Enterprise will be examined to show where iSCSI might be the most appropriate. 

Why should you attend: iSCSI has been proven to be a viable and stable storage connection protocol since 2003. And is now gaining market share across the board. Anyone that manages or operates a small, medium, or large Data Center should be knowledgeable of the capabilities that iSCSI can bring to an IT organization. With the use of 10, 40, and 100 Gb Ethernet switches and cables, the shared use of these connections with storage access becomes more appropriate and reasonable. If one has not examined the cost savings of Internet connections to address all network needs including storage, then you are "leaving money on the table". This Tutorial will supply enough information to the attendees, to permit them to have cogent discussions regarding the best way to interconnect storage to servers within a small, medium, or large Data Centers.

No adequate and thorough analysis of the needs of storage access can be held without an understanding this key and very capable proven protocol. The attendee will gain an understanding of where iSCSI might fit within their storage environment. 

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Discussion of SCSI and SCSI on Storage Networks
  • Networks that are appropriate for iSCSI
  • Architecture and structure
  • Integrity
  • Error Handling
  • Discovery
  • Redirection
  • Boot
  • iSCSI usage models and environments
  • iSCSI Security

Who Will Benefit:

  • CIO
  • IT managers
  • IT operations staff




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