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Aug 2016


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Managing Innovation: How to Build a Creative Problem Solving Framework for Organizational Success- By Compliance Global Inc.

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Ask any CEO in the world to write a top five wish list and you can bet that “more ideas – better ideas” is bound to show up in some form. Why? Because “…ideas and innovation are the most precious currency in the new economy.” (Harvard Business Review).

The missing piece, of course, is the source of the idea. PEOPLE!! The question is, how does your company select the right people with problem solving techniques, problem solving skills, creative thinking to help solve critical business problems? By their talent? By their experience? By their perceived creativity? By their intelligence? By their status? All of those are important but they only represent one level by which to select people to help solve pressing business problems.

Why Should You Attend:

How will you help your business create new sources of long term growth? Do you know what the opportunities are or where to find them? Can your business cultivate a culture of innovation to ensure future success? Innovation must be a core competence for every business. In the future, success will come to those who can leverage their knowledge and creativity to find better solutions to old problems and new solutions to problems that have not yet been identified.

For today’s leader, the management of innovation ranks at the top of the “most challenging” list. Ask yourself: How can you help your teams become more creative at problem solving? How can you get more “out-of-the-box” thinkers on your problem solving teams? All people solve problems and are creative! Period! But…they differ in how they approach problem solving. We are concerned with the different ways people solve problems, generate ideas and solutions, and relate to and influence others. Our approach is about a person’s preference for thinking style and how they apply that to solve problems.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

  • What is innovation?
  • What makes a company innovative?
  • Thinking Style and Innovation: How People Solve Problems
  • Preferences for Thinking Style
  • Thinking…Inside and Outside the “Box” 
  • Leading Teams with Diverse Styles
  • Building a Culture of Innovators

Learning Objectives:

  • Is there a connection between innovation and how one thinks and how one solves problems?
  • Is it possible to identify the strategies that people use to think which enables them to be more creative, innovative and solve critical business problems?
  • Is it possible to leverage the diversity of thinking styles within a problem solving team?
  • Increase creative solutions to organizational problems
  • Develop a more effective process for identifying creative people, forming creative teams, and help others be more creative
  • Build a more innovative culture AND become more effective in managing change
  • Gain a greater return on intellectual and human capital
  • Get the right people with the right talent together to solve the right problems

Who Will Benefit:

  • Business Unit Leaders
  • HR/OD Professionals
  • Project Leaders
  • Mid- to Senior Level Leaders
  • Anyone in a Leadership Role
  • Anyone interested in learning more about Innovation

Speaker Profile:

Dick Buckles is CEO of Bianetics, LLC, a San Antonio, TX based firm that consults to such companies as Chevron, Chevroil-Kazakhstan, Fluor, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett-Packard, the University of California, and others. Prior to owning his own firm, Dick was a senior manager with world class companies such as Edison International, WellPoint, Amoco, ARCO, and Hughes Aircraft Company. He is the author of numerous articles on organizational effectiveness and change and has taught MBA and graduate courses in Quality Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, and Psychology at California State University, UCLA, The University of La Verne, and the National Graduate School of Quality Management.

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