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Jun 2013
Jun 2013


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As we offer our vulnerable patients the best, most contemporary care possible, we need to keep in mind that many pharmacologic therapies have not been thoroughly examined in newborns and risk-benefit ratios are not well established. Although new and complex therapeutic interventions bring potential benefits, they can also create new, often unanticipated, complications.

When influenza outbreaks occur, what new treatments should we consider to protect the susceptible newborn? Treatment of the PDA, low blood pressure and encephalopathy may occur without careful consideration of what data have been developed through peer reviewed studies.

Antibiotics play a major role in the reduction of disease, but resistance is increasing and new drugs often lack thorough testing in the NICU populations who remain at risk for known as well as unanticipated toxicities. A better understanding of pharmacologic therapies can help us avoid undesirable consequences and improve drug therapy in the neonatal population.

In response to these challenges, Contemporary Forums presents the 13th Annual Neonatal Pharmacology conference designed for NICU professionals including physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical pharmacists, nurse managers and experienced staff nurses. This conference offers cutting edge information from some of the leading clinicians and researchers in neonatology. You will learn from these experts how to integrate best practices into your unit for a broad range of neonatal drugs, as well as managing care in the light of drug shortages.

If you are struggling to keep up with the recommended medication management for the NICU infant, if you are not sure whether medication delivery in your unit is as safe as it could be, don't miss this opportunity to update your clinical knowledge of neonatal pharmacology. We look forward to seeing you in La Jolla!

Conference Highlights include:

  • New neuroprotective strategies for encephalopathy, and management of neonatal abstinence syndrome and seizures.
  •  Preconference on Advances in Neonatal Nutrition focusing on nutritional risks, micro-nutrition, issues in TPN administration, and maximizing growth through use of breast or donor milk.
  • Management and treatment of sepsis in the neonate.
  • Maximizing medication availability during drug shortages.
  • Methods to improve NICU medication safety.
  • Core Competency Areas and Content Topics for NCC Certification Maintenance in your specialty are included in this conference.

Don't miss this opportunity to update your knowledge of recommended medication management for the NICU infant. Join colleagues from across the U.S. and come away refreshed and renewed to put your passion into your practice!

Kelly C. Wade, MD, PhD, MSCE
Conference Chair

Jason B. Sauberan, PharmD
Program Consultant

Kathryn Clayton, MSN, MBA, ALNC
Program Manager
Contemporary Forums

Conference Objectives:

This program will enable the experienced clinician to better:

  • Evaluate the safety and efficacy of cardiovascular pharmacotherapies.
  • Outline new antibiotic dosing and safety protocols for the NICU population.
  • Anticipate potential side effects of neonatal drug therapy, recognize adverse reactions and discuss their management.
  • Evaluate alternative treatments when drug shortages occur.
  • List neuroprotective strategies and outcomes

Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved in the care of high-risk newborns including:

  •  Neonatologists
  •  Nurse Practitioners
  •  Clinical Nurse Specialists
  •  Experienced Staff Nurses
  •  Educators and Instructors
  •  Nurse Managers
  •  Pharmacists
  •  Physician Assistants
  •  You!




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