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Jul 2016


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NTP 2016 - Federally Employed Women's National Training Program


Event Overview:

Recognized as the premier training program for women in federal service, Federally Employed Women’s National Training Program (NTP) Expo is a wise investment of your trade show and marketing dollars. This popular event provides a great opportunity for all participants to interact with vendors and suppliers. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your company or agency.

For more than 40 years, Federally Employed Women (FEW) has been working for the advancement of women in government through its outstanding training programs at the national, regional, and local chapter levels.

In July of each year, approximately 2,000 attendees gather for FEW's National Training Program (NTP), and they are able to take the knowledge they have gained from the leadership-focused training back to their workplace. FEW has been most successful in helping women bridge the gap from administrative to management positions and in moving from a job to a career. Almost all members of Federally Employed Women have a story to tell and particularly those who have taken leadership roles within the organization. We want to share a few of those stories with you because we believe that in sharing their stories, we really tell FEW's story -- more than 40 years of women helping women to develop personally and professionally so that they are ready to move up when the opportunity presents itself.

Exhibitor Information:

Who Should Exhibit at the NTP?
❂ Colleges/Universities/Business Schools
❂ Federal/Civilian/Military Recruiters
❂ Resume Critiquing Companies
❂ Personal/Life Coaches
❂ Professional Coaches
❂ Financial Management Companies
❂ Health/Life/Auto Insurance Companies
❂ Women’s Publications
❂ Women’s Health and Fitness Companies
❂ Women’s Associations and Organizations
❂ Products and Services Retailers

About Federally Employed Women:

FEW is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1968 shortly after government issued Executive Order 11375 which added sex-discrimination to the list of prohibited discrimination within the Federal Government. Although E.O. 11375 was an important milestone, several women were concerned that the Civil Service Commission and individual agencies may not put forth the vigorous effort necessary to ensure compliance with E.O. 11375. Although the Federal Women’s Program (FWP) had been established, the early organizers of FEW realized that the government could dismantle FWP, and they wanted to ensure that there would always be an organization dedicated to promoting equality for women and addressing concerns of women in the Federal workforce. Additionally, because FWP is a government function, it is limited in its political scope, and cannot lobby Congress. As a private organization, FEW is not restricted in that area.

*Dates are subject to change: For planning purposes please count on the event being held either the second or third full week of July, 2016 (actual training dates: July 11 - 14, 2016 or July 18 - 21, 2016).




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