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Oct 2016


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Paynter Charts. How to develop and use paynter charts for predictive warranty analysis - By Compliance Global Inc.

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Attendees will walk away with a Paynter chart model that they can apply to their own organizations while learning how to mitigate business cost exposure.

What’s a Paynter: A review of a basic Paynter chart format utilizing Excel and reviewing stack graph behavior
Understanding about TOM (Time of Manufacture) is key to effectively leveraging predictive analysis. Leveraging TOM, understanding the time lag difference from production release to product return is key to developing an effective Paynter and determining business and consumer risk. Samples of how to present warranty trends to management will be provided
It’s Already Been Shipped! A high level review of how to determine basic indicators for product containment, levels of internal/external communication of an issue, cost planning and mitigation for managing identified concerns
Improving the Product. There are generally three causes for product to fail prematurely: It was produced improperly, there is a supply chain issue with the materials or it was not designed robustly enough. The audience will review options of how to take their Paynter observations and drive the information back into the business for customer satisfaction and product/process improvement

Why Should You Attend:

Quality practitioners must understand how their VOC field return information can be leveraged to aid them in proactively mitigating risk and working across the supply chain when something goes wrong.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

This webinar on predictive warranty utilizes Paynter charts and enables a quality team to construct a story of cause and effect and general risk. Paynters are an easier and "not overly statistical" method that quality personnel can use to show customers predictive field results. From this webinar on Paynter charts, participants come away with a practical sample which they can literally apply on their next business day.

Learning Objectives:

To help people understand how Paynter Charts can be effectively utilized for predictive warranty management
Increased understanding of how to share results with management to mitigate business exposure
Increased understanding of how to leverage visual tools to show process results

Who Will Benefit:

Quality, Lean and Engineering System Practitioners

Speaker Profile:

Jd Marhevko is currently the VP of Quality, Lean and EHS for Accuride Corporation. Three (3) Accuride sites have won the prestigious Manufacturing Excellence Award (in 2014-2015). She has been involved in Operations and Lean/Six Sigma efforts for almost 30 years across a variety of industries. Jd is an ASQ Fellow. In 2016, Jd was awarded both the Shainin Medal and honored as one of the top 100 Women in Manufacturing by Washington DC’s Manufacturing Institute. With ASQ she also holds the CMQ/OE, CQE, CSSBB and is an ASQ Certified Trainer for a variety of Quality Tools. She is an MBB and has held various Baldrige Assessor roles. Jd is a Past-Chair of the ASQ Quality Management Division (QMD), a 25,000 member organization and supports several ASQ divisions in a variety of capacities. Jd is a Howard Jones awardee, the QMD’s highest honor. She holds a BSE from Oakland University in MI and an MSA from Central Michigan University.

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