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Aug 2016


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Payroll Updates 2016 - By Compliance Global Inc.

Online Event



2016 Payroll Updates will give you an understanding of how to calculate overtime, understanding taxable gifts, bonus and awards (parking, achievement awards, length of service awards, athletic facilities), 2016 mileage rates, common pitfalls of Wage and Hour laws that can be costly, when you can give 'Comp Time" instead of overtime, Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors, understand common Law Rules-Facts that provides evidence of the degree of control and independence plus Best Practices in Payroll.

Why Should You Attend:

What your company does not know can hurt them. That's never more true than dealing with payroll management. The first step to complying with regulations is understanding them.

Payroll management sounds like a simple process, on the contrary, it can be a daunting task. Payroll laws and regulations are constantly changing making payroll into a legal mine field and easy to make mistakes. Companies are finding their selves on the wrong end of lawsuits, audits, investigations and claims for payroll regulation violations daily.

In this ever changing world of business, it is critical that we correctly determine whether the individuals providing services to our companies are employees or independent contractors and per the statutes report such in the correct manner to avoid audits and other enforcement efforts. The IRS says if you treat employees as nonemployees you will be liable for all social security and Medicare taxes and withholding taxes for the entire period of misclassification plus all penalties and interest. The employer also must be aware the with the Federal & State governments systems share any non-compliance.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

Understand Workers Misclassification Exempt vs. Non-Exempt 2016
Learn critical FLSA regulation you cannot afford not to know
Understand Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors
Understand current duties test, updated "Primary Duties" and "Suffer or Permit"
How to classify "working time" & How to calculate overtime by DOL standards
Common Law Rules-Facts that provides evidence of the degree of control and independence

Learning Objectives:

Best Practices in Payroll laws
You will acquire confidence that your workers are classified correctly
How to obtain help in the determination/ How to use the SS-8
How to keep accurate time records for workers

Who Will Benefit:

Team Leaders
Anyone who is Non-Financial or Accounting Personnel
Accounting Personnel who want a refresher

Speaker Profile:

David Sanders is considered one of the world’s leading experts/trainers in accounting, finance, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, collections, cost accounting, personal finance, personal income taxes, business taxes, business set up, sales & use taxes, internal controls, inventory management, cycle counting, record keeping and vendor, supplier management. He has continuous requests to train employees and to hold public seminars. He has conducted approximately 10,000 training sessions, including public seminars, on-sites, company training, chamber of commerce's, colleges, training videos, CD's and webinars worldwide.

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