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Sep 2016


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PMBA - Project Management Business Administration - By Compliance Global Inc.

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It is not enough to simply manage your project well. You need to be aware of other aspects that impact the entire company. You need to understand how your project performance will impact the performance of other projects, and how their performance will impact your project. Even the Project Management Institute has revised their certification requirements to require 8 hours of Strategic and Business Administration for all of their certifications. Here is your chance to get your PMBA.

Why Should You Attend:

Do you know how many successful projects it takes to cover the loss from one bad project? Do you understand the stress on a company when a project does not have positive cash flow? Do you want to be sure that when layoffs come around, that you are kept on board?

Understanding what makes a project succeed is only a small fraction of what makes a company succeed. Mastering these concepts not only makes you more likely to stay on with your company when layoffs come around, but it makes you more likely to be promoted. Companies need people who see the big picture. Sometimes, shifting to the big picture is nothing more than shifting your attitude.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

Business Administration is often very generalized and even more often overlooked by project managers. This webinar is targeted to teach you the strategic and business administration concepts that are specific to project management.

Too many times we try to manage our projects in a vacuum without awareness of how we impact the company overall, and how the company overall impacts our performance as project managers.

Unlike political promises, which are never kept, bid day promises are what kill a lot of companies who cannot deliver what was promised for the agreed price. Learn to identify and avoid those traps.

Learn how to make your project goals break down for individual accountability across company lines. It is not enough to simply declare targets or deadlines. You must have a comprehensive understanding of other demands from other projects.

Learning Objectives:

• How to identify threats and opportunities during all stages of a project

• How to leverage your project performance into job opportunities

• How to translate execution strategies to individual accountability

• How to mitigate claims and litigation

• How to sell your clients for future projects

• How to make yourself priceless to your company

Who Will Benefit:

• Project Managers

• Assistant Project Managers

• Project Directors

• Program Managers

• Project Executives

Speaker Profile:

Heath Suddleson has more than 25 years managing projects in the design and construction industry where he has led teams in managing billions of dollars worth of projects. In these roles, Heath has served as the Contractor, the Architect/Engineer, and even represented the Owner.

He learned some of his most profound lessons by serving in volunteer leadership roles in organizations such as the American Legion, the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering, and Toastmasters International. In his work with Toastmasters International, Heath served roles from local clubs through many levels in the organization, even having served from 2009-2011 on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors.

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