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Aug 2016


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Power to the Patient: Managing Health Care Costs by Managing Demand - By AtoZ Compliance

Online Event


Key Take Away:

This webinar will make you understand the legal ramifications of implementing a medical self-care program, and provide “know how” and strategies to empower employees to make better health care costs decisions.


One way to reduce managed health care costs is to reduce the overall demand management for medical services. This is in light of the fact that approximately 55% of all emergency room visits are for non-urgent problems and about 25% of all physician visits could have been treated at home. Since the average doctor medical assistance costs $199.00 and the average E.R. visit costs $1,349.00, a great deal of money can be saved through more appropriate use of the health care management system.

Demand can be managed by providing self-care information that helps employees become more knowledgeable about when they need medical assistance and when they can take care of themselves. This is a very important aspect of consumer driven health care.

Why Should You Attend:

This webinar will provide “Know How” and Strategies to empower employees to make better health care decisions.

Areas Covered In This Webinar:

• Benefits of self-care programs

• Most common reasons for outpatient utilization of care

• Selecting self-care workshops and publications

• Telephonic self-care / nurse advice lines

• Electronic self-care programs

• Increasing program participation

• Legal implications

• Evaluating a self-care program

Learning Objectives:

• Participants will be able to state 4 benefits of a medical self-care program for the employer

• Participants will be able to state 3 benefits for the employee

• Participants will be able to state the 5 major components of a medical self-care program

• Participants will be able to cite the research results from 3 medical self-care studies

• Participants will understand the legal ramifications of implementing a medical self-care program

Who Will Benefit:

• Directors and Managers of Human Resources

• Directors and Managers of Benefits

• Wellness Coordinators and Managers

• Medical Directors

• Occupational Health Nurses

• Health and Safety Directors

Speakers Profile:

Dr. Don R. Powell
Dr. Don R. Powell is the President and CEO of the American Institute for Preventive Medicine, a URAC Accredited Wellness company located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The Institute is a leading developer and provider of health and productivity management programs. It is internationally recognized for its ability to present health information in a format that employees can easily understand and are motivated to follow; thereby reducing health care costs and absenteeism.

Over 13,000 corporations, hospitals, MCOs, unions, and government agencies use its health risk appraisal, lifestyle change programs, health coaching, self-care guides, and health education materials. Some of its clients include Ford, Office Depot, Citibank, Merck, CBS, Lowes, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the Center for Disease Control, Baylor Medical Center, U.S. Army, CIA, and the Department of Health & Human Services.

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