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Sep 2016


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Project Management Essentials: The 8 Keys To Bring Every Project In On Time and On Budget - By AtoZ Compliance

Online Event


Key Take Away:

This webinar will enable you to understand the essentials of project management, identify project needs, practice scheduling and teaming and allow you to more effectively manage projects to success.


How do we manage projects and customer relationships effectively? How do we understand the full scope of a customer “project”? How do we assemble the necessary resources to effectively manage a customer relationship and attendant projects? To whom do we delegate specific responsibilities and when? These are among a number of questions we discuss and about which we learn as we strive to effectively manage projects and the customers whose project we are managing.

Why Should You Attend:

Would you like to get more (or all!) of the projects you manage in on time and on budget?

Are you concerned about people on your project teams not knowing enough about how to effectively manage a project? What about yourself?

Would you like some help to more effectively manage your projects?

Would you like to more effectively manage others’ expectations?

Areas Covered In This Webinar:

Introduction to Project Management

• What is a Project?

• What is Project Management?

• What skills do you need to effectively manage projects?

• Why is Project Management needed?

• Leading contributors to Project Success

Identifying Needs, Starting Toward Solutions

• Identifying Stakeholder Needs and Expectations

• Identifying Business Requirements

• Performing a Systems Requirements Analysis

• Performing a Human Resources Analysis

• Identifying Roles and Responsibilities

• Creating a Scope Document

• Gaining Stakeholders’ Consensus and Approval

Scheduling and Teaming

• Planning

• Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

• Performing Risk Management

• Developing Effort, Time, and Cost Estimates

• Creating a Project Schedule

• Creating a Budget

• Creating a Project Team

Management Planning and Execution

• Creating a Vendor Management Plan

• Creating a Resource Management Plan

• Creating a Communication Plan

• Creating a Quality Management Plan

• Creating a Project Management Plan

• Execution

• Track the Project and Resolve Issues

• Manage Resources

Managing Project Success and Customer Satisfaction Success

• Managing Quality

• Managing the Project Team

• Managing Change

• Case Study

• Project Closure

• Conducting a Customer Acceptance Meeting

Learning Objectives:

• Understand the essentials of project management

• Plan for identifying project needs

• Practice scheduling and teaming

• Create the necessary plans which will allow you to more effectively manage projects to success

• Help you to more effectively manage others’ expectations

• Keep projects on track

• Gain knowledge and skills you can apply to all project team situations

• Keep content, process and structure on track to produce positive outcomes

Who Will Benefit:


• Senior Vice Presidents

• Vice Presidents

• Executive Directors

• Managing Directors

• Regional Vice Presidents

• Area Supervisors

• Managers

Speakers Profile:

Chris DeVany
Chris DeVany is the founder and president of Pinnacle Performance Improvement Worldwide, a firm which focuses on management and organization development. Pinnacle's clients include such organizations as Microsoft, Visa International, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Sprint, American Counseling Association, Aviva Insurance, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Hospital Corporation of America, Schlumberger, Morgan Stanley, Boston Scientific, US HealthCare and over 500 other organizations in 22 countries.

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