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Apr 2014


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Promoting Learning with Better Student Interaction in Class and Online


It’s magical when it happens.

Every instructor has witnessed the moment when the in-class dialogue seems to take off on its own, when students contribute spontaneously and organically, when the conversation naturally leads from one idea to the next.

That kind of classroom environment is not the stuff of myths or legends. Teachers can actually create climates that motivate participation, encourage thinking and learning, and develop interaction skills.

Research supports what most instructors already believe: interaction among students and instructors promotes engagement and learning. Most teachers want to foster participation in their classrooms. The challenge is how to do it.

But not just any conversation will do. Instructors also have to ensure that the interactions enhance engagement and elevate instruction.

The good news is that it is entirely possible. The better news is that access to research-backed activities, policies, and strategies as well as best practices requires no magic at all.

Everything you need to unlock inspired classroom interaction is available in Promoting Learning with Better Student Interaction in Class and Online, a new Teaching Professor workshop.

Learning Goals:
When you have completed the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify conditions that support positive classroom interactions
  • Analyze the role of questions and answers in student learning
  • Create participation policies and assessment practices that promote student learning
  • Design (or redesign) a discussion activity so that it promotes more critical thinking and deeper learning
  • Use a learner-centered approach to fostering effective classroom and online interaction

Topics covered:

  • Understanding problems with classroom interaction
  • Assessing listening, participation, and discussion
  • Setting participation policies
  • How to ask questions and respond to questions
  • How to give answers and respond to answers

At the face-to-face event, sessions will alternate between individual work, small-group work, and whole-group discussions. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with workshop presenters as well as their peers to test the very concepts at the foundation of the workshop.

Participants will leave the two-day workshop with:

  • A 30-page resource collection
  • New strategies to generate classroom discussion
  • Activities that engage students and include participation elements
  • Sample participation policies
  • Methods for assessing discussion
  • Ideas for implementing change in classrooms

Included 20 Minute Mentor Programs
Participants will receive the following “20 Minute Mentor” videos—a $396 value:

What to Bring:

  • Syllabus with a participation policy
  • Any written materials that pertain to classroom or online discussion
  • Laptop or other device capable of accessing workshop materials and resources

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
The Teaching Professor stands behind every course and program it offers. If you are not completely satisfied after attending this event, let us know and we will send you a full, hassle-free refund.

Like all Teaching Professor offerings, Promoting Learning with Better Student Interaction in Class and Onlinetackles a central issue for today’s higher education professionals who strive to improve the quality of and satisfaction in their work.




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