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May 2015


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Reduce the Risks of Foreign Material Contamination

Online Event


Event Overview:

Foreign materials have no place in foods, and processors need to develop, document, implement and maintain programs to ensure that such materials remain out of their products and processes. This training program will highlight best practices to avoid risk of foreign material contamination for food manufacturers and facilities responsible for packaging/labelling food products.

Why Should You Attend:

DALs (defect action levels) are set because FDA has deemed that some materials are unavoidable contaminants. Yet, it seems that each year, there are news articles or investigative pieces focusing on how FDA allows such contaminants in the food supply. What consumers must understand is that the presence of a DAL does not mean that a food will contain the item in question.

Foreign material in foods will render the food adulterated. It doesn’t matter if the item is very, very small; the food is now adulterated, and distributing a food that is known to be adulterated is a violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. It is imperative that food processors understand their products and the foreign materials that may be associated with said products/processes. This course will discuss how FDA determines DALs, what constitutes adulterated foods, the recall process, and packaging and pest management.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Defect action levels - how does FDA determine the levels
  • Adulterated foods
  • Recall processes
  • Air systems, metal detectors, cleaners
  • Packaging - does the package create more problems to the product
  • Pest management
  • Glass and brittle plastic controls
  • Metal detectors, X-ray machine, magnets
  • How sound is your HACCP program
  • What happens if something is found in the product

Who Will Benefit:

Food manufacturers and facilities responsible for packaging/labelling food products will benefit from this training. This includes but does not limit to:

  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Food Packaging Suppliers and Manufacturers
  • Labeling
  • Documentation
  • Food Technologists
  • Food Safety
  • Food Inspectors
  • Marketing
  • QA/QC

Instructor Profile:

Kristina Lauzon is a certified chef and nutrition manager. Her areas of expertise include: clinical nutrition, nutrition education, food technology and food manufacturing, HACCP, GMPs, quality assurance, and food production. Ms. Lauzon has experience working in the healthcare, hospitality and food processing industries. Before becoming a nutrition manager in Canada, she worked as a food production manager at a privately owned food processing facility in Ontario, Canada.

For Registration -

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