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May 2014


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Relationship Shift  The 10 Powerful Strategies for Creating an Awesome Relationship Are you tired of “working” on your relationship with little or no results? Are you tired and frustrated with your status quo? Do you feel stuck, at your wits end, and can’t wait for a change, but feel at a loss for how to go about making this happen? Do you believe both of you need skills, know-how, and guidance on how to become a better partner and make the relationship work? Do you both tend to blame the other for the state of your relationship and are waiting for the other to make changes and step up? Is there is a lack of proper boundaries and ownership in your relationship and a sense of codependence? Is your relationship struggle affecting your health, your children and family life, your social life, your career or business, and your overall success and abundance? Does life feel like a challenge everyday? I know how hopeless and devastating this can feel. But, don’t worry. You no longer have to struggle everyday, settle for a mediocre relationship, or fear losing your partner or having your relationship end. We have the solution for you! Don't Miss Out on this Opportunity to Make a Relationship Shift! If you desire it, you can have it! Register Now!! We can help you create the relationship you desire with your partner, so your norm will no longer include: Feeling stuck, alone, unsupported, sad, abandoned, angry, overwhelmed, resentful, betrayed, unimportant, suffocated and other not so pretty feelings Nor, Nagging, controlling, yelling, demanding, manipulating, belittling, criticizing, dismissing, undermining, sabotaging, withdrawing, shutting down Nor, Lacking intimacy and connection, receiving or giving the extreme cold shoulder where you don’t talk or acknowledge each other for an extended period of time, having fights late into the night or that ruin weekends and social plans, rollercoaster of breaking-up and making-up or threating to end the relationship, being embarrassed to talk about your relationship or bringing your partner to events, struggling with your daily routine and sharing responsibilities, evading talking about money and making decisions, undermining each other’s parenting, negatively impacting how your children experience family life and giving them a negative message about relationships, letting others get in between you, and lacking in support for each other’s well being and success. It is time for a new norm. It is time for you and your partner to have the relationship and life you are meant to have. Imagine the most awesome relationship you can and know that you can create it, if you so desire it! We are here to help you make it happen! You can experience your awesome relationship, your MetroRelationship, immediately and effortlessly with our Successful Couples Process (sm) that guides you in making targeted, strategic and systematic investments in your relating for getting better, faster and more lasting results than if you were going it alone or in an unstructured format. To create your MetroRelationship, you need this expert guidance to help you break the impasse and stuckness, build resilience and trust, learn basic and enriching relationship skills, stock your tool kit with proven techniques that create immediate change, and implement systems and structures that support your relationship and your life. Don't Miss Out on this Opportunity to Make a Relationship Shift! If you desire it, you can have it! Register Now!! The 10 Powerful Strategies Fundamental to Creating Your MetroRelationship are Provided in the Successful Couples Process (sm): 1) Show Up and Be Accountable in Your Relationship commit to making the relationship work, shift to a successful couple’s mindset, fully own yourself and become accountable, set proper boundaries, clean your interactions and approach to each other, protect and safeguard your bond and connection, and create your MetroRelationship vision and goals. 2) Set Up a Strong Communication and Conflict Resolution System honor the fighting fair code, successfully set up meaningful and productive conversations to address issues, concerns or intense topics, create emotional safety before, during and after relationship conversations, set each other up for cooperation, follow guidelines on negotiating and compromising, set up transparency and accountability, and put in place consequences for inappropriate or hurtful behavior. 3) Transform Relationship Patterns to Heal, Repair and Build Trust understand what’s driving the hot buttons in your relationship, how yours and your partner’s buttons are a perfect match for keeping you stuck in your dissatisfying and painful reciprocal loop, and that your current cocreated relationship dynamic is your common enemy not each other even though it feels like that at times; and strategically change to a validating, supportive, empowering, uplifting, joyous, peaceful, nurturing, and loving loop that automatically meets your and your partner’s needs. 4) Conquer Your Debilitating Mindset Keeping You Stuck effectively gentle your inner critic, clean your yucky thinking and take control of your mind, increase your self-esteem (including addressing body image, self worth and others), transition from an ego-led (fear-based) to a heart-led (love-based) approach to your relationship, address your assumptions, recurring themes and limiting scripts, establish clean relationship expectations, roles and rules, and author your success story. 5) Conquer Your Debilitating Feelings Keeping You Stuck optimally feel and manage your feelings (anxiety and depression are only symptoms, self-regulate and self-soothe, reparent yourself, heal the impacts of trauma, transcend your fears, feel your best ever, and establish a sustainable self-care routine. 6) Systematize Managing Responsibilities pragmatically negotiate the use of space, time and other resources, expand on the established expectations and roles addressing the business of running a household, family and joint life, maximize the sharing of responsibilities, create efficient tracking and managing systems, set up structures to support your lifestyle, and institute a staying current and on the same page mechanism. 7) Be Your Most Authentic Self align your Spirit, mind and actions, operate from heart-led values and principles, access and integrate different parts of your Self, clearly and cleanly express your needs, expectations, desires, wishes and dreams, stretch and create safety for your partner’s Being, apply the utmost mindful and accepting responses to your partner, and infuse your relationship with validation and compassion. 8) Actualize and Savor Your Awesome Relationship Everyday safeguard your bond, create and sustain connection and intimacy, be attuned to your partner’s Being, nurture your daily relating, integrate a TLC habit towards your partner, reach your partner using their love language, utilize and enhance relationship rituals, and receive your partner’s love and investments 9) Embark in a Love Affair with Your Partner maintain your individuality, balance togetherness and separateness, balance emotional and physical intimacy, date, woo, and seduce your partner, enrich and luxuriate your interactions, expand your sexual repertoire, address blocks to sensational carnal experiences, and integrate the lovers into the relationship. 10) Establish Your Relationship Upleveling and Beautification Life Plan automate investing in your relationship, support and elevate your partner, enrich your parenting and coparenting, expand your relational repertoire, tap into your synergy, be a powerful team, identify your life’s purpose or mission and take on related service or philanthropic causes, and be an inspiration to others. If you are serious about making your relationship work and are ready to create the relationship you desire, taking a no excuses approach to your relationship and being accountable, this Process is for you. We help you Be your best Self and create your MetroRelationship! Join us in this Webinar to learn more about each of the Strategies and start creating your MetroRelationship Register Now!! About the Webinar: One (1) Hour Presentation on the 10 Strategies Get an exclusive perspective on healthy relating and relationships Learn indispensable material and tools for getting on the same page and creating an awesome relationship Discover the practical and hands on mechanisms for creating the relationship you desire Material & Takeaways Downloadable Handout of material presented Recommended Readings After Webinar Replay of Recording! Bonus Offer!! Register Now!! Create Your MetroRelationship Today!! Set Up Your Relationship for Success, Effectively Contribute to Your Relationship, Get on the Same Page with Your Partner, Resolve Concerns & Address Issues, Enrich & Nurture Your Relationship, Re-Ignite Your Love and Passion, Be a Successful Couple! Register NOW!! Webinar Specifics Facilitator: Emma K. Viglucci, CFT, LMFT, CIT Relationship Expert, Writer & Speaker Founder and Director of Practice Specializing in Working with Couples Assists Couples Succeed at their Relationship! Author of the Successful Couples Newsletter & Blog Date & Time: Friday, May 16, 2014 from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST Time Zone Check Complimentary Investment: For your attention, open-mindedness, and commitment to implementing what you learn, you get the key to creating your MetroRelationship One (1) Hour Webinar Presentation After Webinar Replay of Recording Downloadable Handouts Don't Miss Out on this Opportunity to Make a Relationship Shift! If you desire it, you can have it! Register Now!! Once your Registration is processed, an acknowledgement email will be sent to you with access details for joining the Webinar. Start Living & Enjoying Your MetroRelationship Today!! Feel Better, Love Better, Live Better Events Registration To Register for Workshops and Events Contact us at 212-537-9055 or Click Here Workshops Feedback "I really enjoyed it!" "She showed us that our behavior is a result of our emotions." "She had great knowledge about relationships and their roots in childhood." "We loved it!" "Do it again in 6 months!" "She taught us how to break the cycle by changing our behavior." "We loved everything about it, especially how to change dynamics and talk to our partners." When feeling stuck in an interaction with your partner, try viewing the situation through their eyes.




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