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Aug 2016


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Safety Issues Associated with Electronic Health Records Integration - By Compliance Global Inc.

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As a result of the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act in 2009, the integration of the electronic health record system (EHR) revolutionized the documentation of patient care. The expectations of the EHR were tremendous and promised greater efficiency, accuracy and coordinated care.

Clinical errors, inaccuracies, complex workflows and compliance remain a reality following EHR integration. Although electronic documentation provides a massive repository for rapid communication of vital patient information and viewing of critical data questions remain related to patient safety training.

Electronic documentation is challenging to the legal team’s interpretation of the medical record. The legal team may be unaware of many hidden aspects that impact the delivery of safe, quality care. In addition, factors such as workarounds, poor application design, incomplete testing procedures, instructional design barriers and lack of end user training may not be readily apparent to the legal team when reviewing the EHR. Both human and technical components of EHRs remain challenging in the clinical setting. The promise of the EHR being a solution to the complexity of healthcare is certainly challenging for clinicians.

Why Should You Attend:

Those benefiting from this webinar include various members of the legal team including medical malpractice nurse experts and attorneys. Many times individuals are unaware of hidden considerations required to fully implement an EHR that may precipitate complications and errors.

Clinical leaderships such as managers, directors and executives will find value in learning factors that may contribute to issues in compliance, safety and quality. The emerging field of Informatics has revolutionized healthcare decision making and practice.

The legal team must be aware of potential factors that are not readily discussed as factors impacting patient safety and quality. The unique webinar content includes people, process and technology areas that impact implementation and ongoing maintenance of the EHR.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

This webinar will include foundational topics that are pertinent to EHR integration that have an impact of efficiency, safety, quality and compliance. As legal experts, understanding factors that affect the quality of electronic documentation and the ability to interpret the medical record are important. The complexity of electronic documentation and requirements of end users have a substantial impact on competence, compliance and quality. An overview of the following key topics will be discussed in the webinar.

Importance of certification in health information technology
Transformational quality management
Usability and safety
Informatics terminology
Clinical decision support tools impact on errors
Overview of 2016 health information technology trends

Learning Objectives:

Define common informatics terminology used in EHR implementation and utilization in care delivery
Identify instructional design and training issues that impact end user compliance
Identify common considerations with Clinical Decision Support tools contributing to potential errors
Discuss how organizations are effected by transformational quality management principles
Discuss the importance of using certified health information technology
Discuss considerations associated with EHR usability and patient safety
Identify 3 new 2016 health IT trends to be aware of in clinical practice

Who Will Benefit:

Various members of the Legal Team
Nurse Experts and Attorneys
Clinical Leadership Managers, Directors and Executives
Safety Consultant
Business Owner

Speaker Profile:

Dr. Rufo is an accomplished Healthcare leader with 31 years in diverse areas of Critical Care Nursing practice, Administration, Education, Telemedicine, and Informatics. Major accomplishments are directed at extensive experience in operational and service line leadership. She has over 16 years’ experience in direct leadership roles including operational, technology and informatics. She is recognized as a national leader in Telemedicine technology. Dr. Rufo is the first leader to develop 2 large Telemedicine units within 2 large Chicago Healthcare facilities. She also is the recipient of 2 national awards for excellence in Telemedicine.

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