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Jun 2016


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Same Day ACH - Faster Payments Rules - By AtoZ Compliance

Online Event


Key Take Away:

Get details on what just happened with the adoption of the new Same Day ACH Rule and what it will do for the ACH payments network and identify the impact on financial institutions (ODFIs and RDFIs), including their originators.


On May 19, 2015, the Electronic Payments Association (NACHA rules) approved Same Day ACH transactions which will enable the faster movements of payments by enabling same day settlement for virtually any ACH payments network.

With this new Rule, two new same day settlement windows will be added to the network, increasing funds movement to three times each day. The rule will enable Originators that desire same-day processing the option to send same-day ACH transactions to account at any RDFI. For Receiving Institutions (RDFI), the Rule will require them to receive same day transactions and give faster funds availability to their account holders.

Why Should You Attend:

Describe what just happened with the adoption of this new Rule and what will it do for the ACH Payments Network
Identify the impacts on financial institutions (ODFIs and RDFIs), including their Originators
List details on the three phases of implementation beginning September 2016 and completing in March 2018
Define the two new clearing windows are for Same Day ACH transactions offered by the ACH Operators and what this means to ACH payments using examples and scenarios

Areas Covered In This Webinar:

How the new Rule varies slightly from the original RFC (Request For Comment)
Dates for each phase in the implementation process and what is happening
10 primary use cases for Same Day ACH
What types of ACH payments are NOT part of the Same Day ACH payments
How Same Day ACH is “optional” for use by Originator and ODFI; but “mandatory” receipt of these entries for RDFI

Learning Objectives:

Impacts on the ODFI and Originator including the optional Same Day indicator for use only by these parties
Procedure change suggestions for the ODFI to handle the Originators who do not want to use the Same Day service
Impacts on the RDFI with discussion on changes for the receipt and processing of ACH file in new environment
Details on how credit funds availability rules are changing for the RDFI and what does this mean to your financial institution during each phase of the implementation

Who Will Benefit:

Financial Institution Executives and Professionals
Banking Operations Managers and Staff
Compliance and Risk Professionals
Treasury Management Professionals
AAP’s (Accredited ACH Professionals)
Payroll Processors
Company / Business Owners (Originators)
Banking Managers/ Supervisors
Third-Party Service Providers and Third-Party Senders
Audit and Compliance Personnel / Risk Managers

Speakers Profile:

Donna K. Olheiser
Donna K Olheiser, AAP, is the Vice President of Education Services and founder for Dynamic Mastership, LLC. She is an enthusiastic and energetic Certified Master Trainer with over 14 years’ experience. She has designed and facilitated over 150 training sessions each year with her expertise being the Rules for companies and financial institutions when processing electronic (specifically ACH) payments, then scheduling the events to facilitate/deliver the material through a variety of venues (webinars, tele-seminars, in-person workshops, including regional and national conferences).

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