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Jul 2016


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Sample Size of One. Demonstrates how DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve and Control) were leveraged to manage autism - By Compliance Global Inc.

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The webinar takes the participants through how DMAIC was successfully used to make viable differences with live metrics and results.

Define a review of how the family used define techniques to isolate and understand the type of illness that was impacting their family. This takes participants through the journey of being creative when identifying root cause as well as the necessity of being a proactive advocate on behalf of yourself, family or loved ones
While working in the DMAIC format, participants will learn how key Measures were identified to monitor and manage the symptoms. Multiple metrics and dramatic graphics (both before and after) are shared. Metric formats utilize the normal distribution, check sheets, color plots, etc. Sample metrics are: Behavioral Mannerisms, Quantity of Speech, Language Comprehension, Blood Levels, Brain Wave Levels, etc.

Why Should You Attend:

Why One in every 68 children is now diagnosed with Autism. With no "cure", what are parents and relatives to do?

This webinar was rated first at the ASQ WCQI conference when it was presented there. It leaves people motivated and refreshed with a plan of how to manage systems with a toolkit that they can easily apply.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

This webinar shares how one set of parents proactively applied the DMAIC process to help with their quality of life. The same tools and skills can be applied to any other form of personal or professional issue.

Learning Objectives:

To help people understand how lean tools and quality tools can be applied to personally improve one’s quality of life
Increased understanding of the power of successfully using data to advocate for oneself
Everyone, at some time, is impacted personally by some type of medical event…Get an objective, process-based approach when that time comes
Culturally, this empowers and demonstrates how quality and lean tool kits can be "taken home"
Autism affects 1 in 68 children in the US. Lean and Quality professionals will be enabled to better understand the potential national impact and increased need for social responsibility

Who Will Benefit:

Health, Quality, Engineering and Lean System Practitioners

Speaker Profile:

Jd Marhevko has served as Vice President of Quality and Lean for Accuride Corporation since April 2012, having joined the company as Vice President, Quality in January 2012. She has been involved in Operations and Quality/Lean/Six Sigma efforts across a variety of industries for more than 25 years. Extensively experienced in developing cost-effective and value-added quality and lean systems enterprise-wide, Marhevko has an impressive track record of success in aligning goals to drive process improvement and productivity.

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