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May 2014


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SharePoint - Not really an IT project 2014


Overview: SharePoint is a web-based document management and collaboration tool with robust search capabilities that has become a common feature in the corporate environment. Companies experience varying levels of SharePoint success and user adoption. Many SharePoint implementations fail with little user acceptance after a substantial corporate investment in software and hardware. Often the root cause of failure is because SharePoint is not an IT project, it is a Knowledge Management project with SharePoint as the technology platform for Knowledge Management. This seminar will delve into information taxonomy, findability, demystifying metadata and the death of folders, SharePoint Governance, and strategies for a successful SharePoint rollout.

The seminar explores SharePoint, Knowledge Management and the interplay between both. Seminar sessions will provide analysis and insight into:

  • SharePoint defined and what it can do for your company.
  • SharePoint Online vs. SharePoint On-premises
  • What is Knowledge Management
  • Findability, information taxonomy and metadata
  • Some common uses of SharePoint
  • SharePoint Governance
  • Lessons Learned from successful SharePoint rollouts

Examples from successful SharePoint implementations will be provided along with lessons learned. 

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • SharePoint-not really an IT project
  • Why SharePoint implementations fail, and how to ensure success
  • SharePoint On-premises vs. SharePoint Online
  • Findability, Taxonomy and Metadata
  • Knowledge Management as a key to SharePoint Success
  • Lessons Learned from successful SharePoint Projects
  • SharePoint Governance

Why should you attend:
Your CEO was meeting with some colleagues and found that many of them were using SharePoint. The CEO comes back to the office and asks IT why we don't have SharePoint and wants IT to set it up. What happens next can result in a costly investment with little user acceptance and bad PR for the IT Department, or a system that contributes to knowledge worker productivity. 

There is a strong correlation between IT and SharePoint, but SharePoint is not an IT project. SharePoint is a technology platform for corporate information sharing and collaboration guided by Knowledge Management. IT must manage the SharePoint technology platform, but it is Knowledge Managers that implement and foster user adoption. 

Some of the topics presented in this Seminar cover:

  • Learn why SharePoint is not an IT project (if it is to successful)
  • SharePoint Online vs. SharePoint On-premises, what makes sense for your company?
  • Where's my stuff: search, findability, metadata and the death of folders.
  • How importance is SharePoint Governance?
  • What is Knowledge Management and why is it important to SharePoint user adoption?
  • I have SharePoint but now what do I do with it?

Who Will Benefit:

  • CIO
  • COO
  • IT Director, IT Manager
  • Project Managers
  • Business Unit Mangers
  • CFO
  • QA Directors/Managers
  • Document Managers and Knowledge Managers




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