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Mar 2014


Maggie Mae\'s 323 E 6th St Austin , Texas 78701
Tel: (512) 478-8541
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Sharing Solutions: What Can Education Learn From Innovation in Other Industries?


Music, retail, publishing, travel and other industries have embraced technological innovation to transform massively in the last ten to twenty years. Cable went from barely good to Breaking Bad, and Netflix made it possible to binge watch on first run series. Travel agents gave way to airbnb. Restaurants share their chefs and people share their tables through Feastly. Iconic brands like Nike will collaborate with their community to share design responsibility by using 3-D printers. Taking pictures (digital photography, Instagram), getting around (Zipcar, bikeshare, Waze, Lyft, Uber) and consuming music (iTunes, Spotify) will never be the same.

This panel will discuss the new age of innovation [and collaboration] in learning. Technology is being used to make education consistently more effective, engaging, relevant and accessible. Innovation will be embraced not because providers browbeat consumers into accepting their corporate model of education, but because markets typically thrive when customers are empowered to 'vote' for the solutions with the greatest utility.

Brought to you by Apollo Lightspeed, this will be the first annual pop-up panel during SXSW and will bring together Thought Leaders like you, who are involved in creating solutions through Technology, Design, Media, Entertainment, eCommerce, Internet of Everything, Big Data, Collaboration/Sharing, and, of course, Education. The mission of this interactive panel is to share and celebrate what works so that each participant can leave with an expanded perspective and go build upon these solutions within their own sphere of influence. This SXSW pop-up event will be updated annually through a panel that brings together subject matter experts and thought leaders to discuss leading edge solutions that have implications not only for the industries in which they are being applied- but which also have potential to move our learning systems forward. Each panel will be designed not only to surface innovative solutions, but to actively build upon them within the event itself- and amplify impact by sharing the knowledge beyond the panel. In isolation, we only know from our own experience. Together, our combined perspective will add up to more than the sum of its parts.

Please join us at Maggie Mae's on 6th Street on March 8th at 2 p.m. to explore this current age of education innovation as well as to enjoy complimentary food and beverages.

Questions Answered

  • How do society’s media consumption habits drive innovation in education?
  • How should content be configured to achieve relevance for all learners?
  • How can collaborative business models and platforms impact relevance and innovation in lifelong learning? (eg- Involving employers in specifying requirements and certifications for future employees; An engineer with decades of experience, but no teaching degree, provides relevant education; P2P rating in lifelong learning)
  • How can education become more engaging and adaptive? (Big Data)
  • How could unbundling lifelong learning from branded, degree bearing education impact learner access and opportunity?
  • How can an extensive, accessible online market of courses and mentors enable greater access to the best courses and teaching?
  • What would it be like to have an ‘Amazon’ for education?





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