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Jan 2014


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Staying Ahead of Competitors and Monitoring the Industry

Online Event


Overview : What information is essential for HR managers to know about the competition and the industry they work in? Many of us are guilty of information overload so picking your spots on when to communicate important information is essential. There is such a thing as over communicating with employees, so we will share some best practices with you. 

We will discuss where you can find reliable sources of data at other companies and how to make sure the information you receive is accurate and verifiable. We will discuss how employers get information about competitors in unionized and nonunionized environments. We will also address how to best share information with employees and in what form you should communicate with them. We will also discuss how to determine who to benchmark against and what business characteristics are essential in determining who your competition is when it comes to benchmarking. 

We will share with you the critical areas that can impact your industry such as: legal, regulatory, legislative, training, compensation, benefits, and working conditions. We will discuss how information about your industry and competitors is so important in recruiting and retaining talent. We will discuss knowing how to be proactive instead of reactive HR managers. This is essential in your ability to stay ahead of the competition. Teaching your HR staff to think proactively will be an important part of this training session.

We will also cover issues of how to become well organized, how to prioritize information you receive, and how to share that information with senior executives in your organization. Finally, we will discuss how to use the information you receive to engage and retain employees and the importance of your workforce learning to rely on HR staff to provide them with helpful information. 

Why should you attend: If you are unaware of what the competition is doing with its employees, you are doing your organization a disservice. HR must be a part of building strategy, and you can do so by becoming an integral part of the process. The old saying that, "information is power" is especially important for HR. Trying to engage employees without sharing critical information will frustrate employees and managers alike. 

Knowing the flow of information at your company is important as you try to build engagement from employees. Workers want to know why and how decisions are made, so sharing information with them makes them feel engaged. You must be able to find out where to get accurate information and then what to do with it.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • What are your sources of information?
  • What to do with information once you have obtained it?
  • What information should be shared and what information should be discarded?
  • How do you determine who the competition is?
  • How do your share information in unionized and nonunionized work environments?
  • How can you use information about your industry and competition to effectively recruit and retain talent?




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