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Jan 2017


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Supplier and Contractor Qualification and Control for Life Science Industry


This two-day course focuses on the processes associated with the acquisition of products, materials and services that fuel and support the organization’s product manufacturing and marketing. These cross-functional processes are complex and result in conflicting objectives between decision-makers. Management is responsible for organizing and providing resources and the more they understand, the more effectively they can manage. This course begins with a discussion about quality and compliance and some of the regulations pertinent to supplier/contractor qualification and control. The primary regulations are:

  • Part 211, Subpart E-Control of Components and Drug Product Containers and Closures, ICH Q7A, Section VII, Materials Management Part 820, Subpart F, Purchasing Controls.
  • ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015, pertinent ICH & IMDRF (formerly GHTF) documents and pertinent FDA guidance documents. Quality concepts from “quality gurus” will also be presented.
  • Contract Testing Laboratories
  • Part 58, Good Laboratory Practices, (GLP) contractors.

Next, the course discusses how functions and personnel must be organized and an infrastructure established to ensure the “building blocks” of the products meet processing requirements and produce products that meet customer requirements. Management provides resources that ensure that these activities are properly managed and personnel are in place who have experience, qualifications, and knowledge to carry out the responsibilities. Procedures must exist that provides direction and structure to the process.

Learning Objectives:

This course is designed for personnel with all levels of material and supplier experience. Upon completion of this course, attendees will:

  • Understand that all the regulations have similarities and differences; and similarities outweigh the differences.
  • The requirements provided by each GMP regulation or even collectively do not meet minimum requirements in navigating today’s supply chain or achieving compliance. Therefore, they must be augmented by combining the total GMP requirements and applying quality concepts outside the regulations.
  • Learn and understand the terminology as well as the regulatory and quality concepts.
  • Suppliers and contractors are not equal. Suppliers produce items used in processing to manufacture products. Contractors perform operational processes that are part of the manufacturer’s inherent responsibilities or outsourcing.
  • Understand the scope of qualification activities includes any item that touches the process such as filters, cleaning agents, lubricants, etc. Qualification tracks are less strenuous for these items.
  • Be aware virtual and brick-and-mortar business structures require altered approaches to S/C. Virtual companies rely almost wholly on contractors. Brick & Mortar companies may use contractors to augment some processes. However, virtual companies retain many responsibilities when contracting.
  • Quality agreements must be in place when outsourcing and contracting.
  • Auditor certifications are helpful in learning audit techniques and objectivity. However, it is no guarantee of auditor success because experience, knowledge and understanding outweigh certification without these factors

Who will Benefit:

  • Because the qualification process is multi-functional, Quality, Production, Purchasing, R&D, Document Control, etc. will benefit by attending this seminar.
  • Management can better understand their responsibilities as they oversee multi-functional characteristic S/C qualification and control.
  • Those functions who have the greatest potential to gain from this seminar include, for example:
    • Audit Team Leaders will gain insight into the multi-functional processes they lead
    • Audit Team Members will gain insight that will help them better understand the role and how the process functions leading to potential increased responsibility.
    • Provide knowledge to auditors seeking certification
  • Quality (QA & QC) and Regulatory Affair are the major drivers of qualification
    • QC will learn more about the requirements for testing & sampling activities, material qualification, and incoming controls.
    • QA will gain knowledge and insight in their decision-making concerning specification approvals, evaluating suppliers/contractors, corrective action plans, material validation,
  • Documentation Control will gain insight on the processing of material specifications, establishing supplier files, and handling of audit related documentation
  • Purchasing will better understand their role as an intermediary between the company and the supplier and contractor.
  • R&D will gain insight into developing both material and product specifications and importance of qualifying suppliers in the early stages of development.
  • Production owns the conversion process and therefore must understand the importance of the qualification of suppliers and contractors as well as evaluating their performance.

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