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Feb 2014


The Graduate Center, CUNY Elebash Recital Hall 365 Fifth Avenue (at 34th Street) New York , New York 10016
Tel: (877) 428-6942
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The Future of Healthcare Communications Summit


The Affordable Care Act is the most significant piece of legislation that will impact the delivery of healthcare since Medicare and Medicaid. While the ACA’s new enrollments progress is far off from their projected path, providers and state agencies continue to aggressively implement new communications campaigns. Yet, the public remains confused about ACA. A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that a large number of respondents, 70%, didn’t understand ACA or only understood a portion of it. There remains a big opportunity for Pharmas, hospital groups, insurers, medical device companies, and healthcare agencies to educate patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals while preparing the public to take increased responsibility in their own personal health management. 

The seismic shift from product-focused to patient-focused communications and the rapidly evolving technology landscape including social, mobile, and digital technologies continues to accelerate the pace of change for healthcare communications. Big data is being used by the most innovative organizations to understand, target, and personalize communications with their audiences. The FDA is expected to issue its long-awaited “social media rules” in mid-2014. However, most industry analysts project the FDA will simply add some more detail to the communications rules already in place, rather than launch a major policy shift. In the interim, the industry needs to forge ahead with digital channels to achieve communications objectives. 

Our industry thought leaders will discuss both strategies and tactics for communicating in this fast changing environment. We will answer the following questions:

  • What do healthcare communicators need to know about the current state of ACA and its shifting path?
  • How will leading healthcare brands use social, mobile, and digital technologies to connect with and educate both the public and healthcare professionals?
  • What are the best examples of how big data is fueling innovative communications resulting in improved patient outcomes?
  • How is the growing trend of mobility changing the game in healthcare communications both with healthcare professionals and consumers?
  • How do you overcome the cultural challenges from shifting from product-focused to patient-focused communications?
  • What are the best case studies that showcase communications that help patients with their personal health management? 
  • How do healthcare brands make the shift from product marketers to trusted content providers?

ATTENDEE PROFILE 175 senior marketing and communications leaders from Pharmas, Hospital Groups, Managed Care Providers, Medical Device Companies, and Healthcare Agencies.  




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