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Jul 2016


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THE LEADER-FOLLOW EQUATION: Partnership, Purpose, and Power in How Leaders Lead and Followers Follow - By Compliance Global Inc.

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The fate and future of every organization rests, to a great extent, on the quality of its leaders. Good leadership skills can take a business that is failing to high levels of success. Bad leaders can take a successful company and cause it to fail. The question is, what kind of leader are you and what kind of leader does your organization have.

Why Should You Attend:

You finally got that promotion to a position of leadership - one you’ve been working hard for —which means that someone was impressed by how you performed in your previous role. But it doesn’t mean that you get to just sit back and enjoy the biggerpaycheck. Instead, it means you now are beginning the work of transitioning from one role you did well to a new role that most likely requires new skills.

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

The U. S. Army Handbook says that, to be an effective leader, your followers must have trust in you and they need to be sold on your vision. A well-known executive search company performed a survey on what organizations want from their leaders. The respondents said they wanted people who were bothethical and who convey a strong visionof the future. In any organization, a leader's actions set the pace. This behaviour wins trust, loyalty, and ensures the organization's continued vitality. One of the ways to build trust is to display a good sense of character composed of beliefs, values, skills, and traits.

Learning Objectives:

The Art of Leadership
Disciplines of Leadership
Leading vs Managing
Leadership Competencies
Management Task Cycle
How to Become a Great Leader

Who Will Benefit:

HR/OD Professionals
Potential Supervisors and Managers
Mid-Level Leaders
Anyone interested in learning more about Leadership/Followership

Speaker Profile:

Dick Buckles is CEO of Bianetics, LLC, a San Antonio, TX based firm that consults to such companies as Chevron, Chevroil-Kazakhstan, Fluor, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett-Packard, the University of California, and others. Prior to owning his own firm, Dick was a senior manager with world class companies such as Edison International, WellPoint, Amoco, ARCO, and Hughes Aircraft Company.

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